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The entire Selma community is responsible for providing our families with a safe, courteous and efficient carpool experience. We appreciate all of your support in making this happen. Following the expectations below will help keep our children safe and model for them an extension of Selma’s cooperative learning environment. 


Please share the following with all family members, friends, and caregivers who will be dropping off and picking up your student(s). 




Authorized Adults

All adults authorized to pick up your child must have a picture ID to show our staff. Your child will only be released to adults on your authorized list. Please call the main office to update or change your authorization: (323) 871-4000.


Pedestrian Gate

If you are walking in to pick up your child, please only enter through the pedestrian gate. The carpool gate is only to be used by faculty and staff who are walking children to their cars. If you would like to pick up your child earlier than the carpool time, please park and go through the pedestrian gate. 



Carpool is primarily for cars. . . that have MORE than one child in the car and car is picking up students at multiple LCS locations.

  • Please use your PLACARD. Different staff members assist with carpool each day and will not be able to recall every vehicle’s occupants. Placards should be placed on the passenger side of the windshield for best visibility. 

  • Enter from Selma Ave. All cars must enter carpool line on Selma Avenue! Cars may NOT enter the carpool line by coming north on Cassil Place. Cars entering on Cassil will be directed to turn right. 

  • Beware of the No Parking Zone. You may not park or line up in the red NO PARKING ZONE in front of the pedestrian gate. It really clogs up carpool when there are cars in that area and it is a fire hazard. We have alerted traffic control and parking enforcement about this concern and have asked them to regularly patrol to ticket those who park in this zone. When it is time for pick up, you’ll be directed through that area for pick-up starting at 3:25 on regular days and 1:35 on Wednesdays, no earlier. 

  • Carpool 3-Calls Rule. Please remind your child that it is essential that he/she go directly to the carpool area after dismissal. Your child will be called for pick-up only 3 times. If your child is not at the carpool pick-up area after 3 requests made by the carpool team, you will be asked to exit the carpool line, go to the end of the line, and circle back around to pick up your child. 

  • Carpool Exit. Absolutely no left turns out of the carpool parking lot! In order to keep our carpool line safe and moving smoothly, turn right onto Cherokee Avenue. 

Please adhere to the correct pick-up times.

If you arrive before your student has been dismissed, your student will be called 3 times; if they are not there, you will simply be asked to go around the block. Students will still be in classrooms until their respective dismissal times. Times are intentionally staggered to reduce congestion in the lot. 


Dismissal Closing Time

Pedestrian Gate & Carpool close promptly at 4:10. Children not picked up by then will be checked into After School and parents will be charged for the after school program accordingly. 


IMPORTANT: Any driver who does not follow these procedures, or speaks rudely to staff or children, will no longer be allowed to participate in carpool and will have to park and pick up their child(ren) from the pedestrian gate.

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