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Our Team

at Fairfax


TK / Kindergarten


First Grade

Angel Pennington

Elham Tavabi


Fourth Grade

Rich Kane          


Kate McCarty


Edible School Yard

Gwen Kenneally - ESY Chef

Brenda Avila - Lunch Staff

Hisana Binder - Lunch Staff

Betsy Cavalier - ESY Cooking & Gardening

Gabby Guerrero De Mejia - Assistant

Abraham Leon - Dishwasher

Rafet Sahin - Assistant Chef


Student Support

Sekia Adams - Academic Specialist/Librarian


Daysi Ceron - Instructional Aide  

Robert Dominguez - Para-Educator


Tracy Erland-Zehnder - Special Education Coordinator

Ghislaine Gomez-Chaclan - Additional Adult Assistant


Cindy Gonzalez - Special Education Clerk

Andrea Ramirez - Academic Specialist/ELD Coordinator

Matthew Ritchey


Yvonne Robles - Additional Adult Assistant 

Rachelle Rowles - Education Specialist

Myra Salinas - Senior Director of Learning & Support Services


Sara Thompson - Clinical Psychologist/Counselor


After School Program

Daniel Berube - ASP Coordinator


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