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Student Life

at Wilshire/Hollygrove

School Sing


Larchmont Charter School’s "Morning Sing" is a weekly event that brings together the entire school community for music, recognition, character campaigns, and friendship. Our school gathers as an entire community (parents included) every Friday for this unique school tradition – Friday Sing!


School Sing allows us to gather as a community and share many wonderful experiences. Led by our amazing music teacher, everyone will sing along to the songs students are learning about in our music program. Other teachers and the fourth grade students act as the emcee, and more students come up on stage to showcase our ESLR character education program. Students and staff who celebrate birthdays during the week stand while the group sings to them. The Sing Along and ESLR awards and departure song help to top it all off!


School Sing has helped developed great school community, spirit, and cooperation among grades and it’s enabled all teachers and children to participate and shine! The experience has encouraged many a student to blossom into people who are willing to try new things and succeed.


Don’t miss it this special moment each week!






SLOs represent the most essential things that students should know and be able to do by the time they graduate. SLOs represent not only what students should know, but how they will approach their learning, and how they will relate that knowledge to the world around them. SLOs are embedded in the curriculum and culture here at Hollygrove, and provide a focus and continuity for the students' learning experience. 


SLOs help the students to...


Communicate effectively

  • by writing clearly,

  • by listening and hearing others,                         

  • by expressing oneself honestly and

  • through many artistic frameworks.


Seek to understand

  • by formulating questions,

  • by pursuing answers,

  • by reading critically and thoughtfully,

  • as a reflective learner,

  • the perspectives of a world community of culture.


Demonstrate respect

  • for other students,

  • for oneself,

  • for teachers,

  • for school materials,

  • for the school site,

  • for one’s family and community,

  • about the environment, living beings, and the earth’s limited resources.


Take responsibility

  • for one’s actions,

  • for one’s words,

  • for one’s learning,

  • for one another,

  • for one’s healthy body and mind.



  • when problems cannot be solved readily,

  • when faced with criticism and disappointment,

  • to work through struggles and setbacks,

  • by attempting trials: examining errors, trying harder, differently, and then trying again.

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