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This page is for you. Here you'll find valuable resources to help you navigate through the school year with your child.


If there is a resource you feel is missing from this page, please contact the Selma campus office.



The Larchmont Organization of Parents (LOOP) is a parent initiated group across all Larchmont campuses. LOOP helps to organize fundraisers, events, volunteer efforts, and committees across the four sites.


All families are members of LOOP. At the start of the school year you can sign up to help support a number of committees at our school, including the Inclusion and Diversity committee, the Arts committee, the Jog-athon committee, the Annual Giving Drive, and much more!


Remember to stay in the “loop!”


For more information about LOOP at the Selma campus contact:


Charity Bailey -

Ali Baird -

Betsy Cavalier - 

Kaili Hollister -



Communication Policy


Family engagement is a key element of our innovative practices, and we are fortunate to have parents and caregivers as strong allies and partners. In the spirit of remaining mission focused and enhancing the relationship between LCS and its families, we would like to celebrate and define communication strategies that support this partnership. We want to equip our community with the tools necessary to best support every child. For this reason, teachers and parents are the most important partners in our entire school. There is no doubt you will have questions, comments or concerns about your child’s educational experience.  Our team is committed to fostering two-way communication.

To learn more, view the LCS Selma Communication Policy


and Forms

Become a parent volunteer, pay for lunches

and insure your LCS Chromebook.





For a complete index of forms and resources,

go to My LCS > LCS Forms.

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