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at Selma

Volunteering and
community engagement
is a cornerstone of 
Larchmont Charter School. 

Family engagement, like everything else, will look different in the 2020/21 school year - but it’s more important than ever. Family involvement is how our school was founded and it literally has made our school run for the last 16 years. Your talents in the classroom, your energy at school events, and your commitment on fundraising teams helps make Larchmont Charter School the incredible school it is. Now, even more than before, any help you can give will enrich your child’s school experience and prove integral to fulfilling our school’s mission.


We suggest that each family commit to 25 volunteer hours per school year, or 40 hours for families with more than one student at the school. It’s a great way to make new friends and become part of the community. Extended family members (e.g., grandparents) are welcome to help complete the suggested hours, too.


Please check all the volunteer options below that interest you, and you will be contacted by a committee chair.

Thank you!


Help us build and maintain the sense of connection and community at Selma we all love by helping to organize grade level and class ZOOM hangouts, virtual playdates, parent get togethers, etc. Welcome new families and support site leaders in organizing community events whatever form they may take. Spanish and Korean speakers are especially helpful on this team. 

Our only fundraiser event for this year! Help reach out to your school community and spread the word about the importance of this event. It’s essential that everyone stretch to give meaningfully so we can reach our Annual Giving Drive goal - $1,600,000 & 100% participation. We REALLY need parents to join this team this year. There are a lot of different roles and we will find a place for you! This is a great volunteer option if you have availability during evening hours.

Traditionally, this LCS hallmark event features a giant fair, parent-made food and interactive games from all around the world. It will look very different this year, but we are still hoping to achieve a dynamic food and fun virtual festival celebrating our diverse community, K-12. This year, the chair of the event has come up with a great way to take this virtual and is looking to build a committee to help execute. Key skills that will be helpful include video editing and production, copywriting, proofreading, tech project management, and translation. Bring your culture and country of origin to World Fair to make it as rich as possible. We are also looking for a project manager to make this event sing.

The Harvest Festival celebrates our Edible Schoolyard Program—garden, food and the community built around breaking bread together. The bake sale is full of everything from cookie dough to casseroles to feed you and your holiday guests. Volunteer to cook and share your favorite specialty! (Safety permitting.)

Plan a week of fun & love to show our teachers and staff how amazing they are. (Clear TB test required-if volunteering at the event) 

Memorialize the year! Round up photos, help with design and printing.

Help continue Larchmont’s culture of inclusivity via outreach to various Los Angeles communities, as well as working within the LCS community to support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Help us identify and write grants to help fund special LCS programs.

We need your assistance in translating materials, especially into Korean & Spanish!

Got a connection? Know someone on the “inside”? Help develop a corporate sponsorship for LCS that can be utilized to fund various LCS needs.

Join the team that dreams up ZOOM parties hosted and paid for by parents, with all ticket proceeds going to LCS. Plan or host a virtual gathering of anything from an adults-only wine tasting, a poker tournament, kids-only hip-hop dance parties, a game night, to a kids arts and crafts class.  It’s time to get creative with these community builders!

If you have connections to the entertainment world, you can help us by donating experiences we can auction on the Charity Buzz website. Celebrity and special access tickets are in great demand outside L.A., and people will pay for these opportunities. Virtual industry meetings and access, VIP tix, and premieres are a few things that do really well here.

Help us sell our Larchmont merch at your campus and/or at events. These sales can really thrive with a parent's helping hand!

Become part of a group that organizes arts-related activities and events and supports our art and music programs. OR are you an artist yourself or are you connected to the Los Angeles community and would like to share your/their expertise and knowledge with the Selma community? Let us know! 

Do you have experience with zoom, other group communication platforms, filmmaking, or editing?

Support our staff with this showcase and vibrant celebration of student work (Possibly to be held online). 

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