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Larchmont Charter School strives to provide students with an exceptional public education that fosters creativity and academic excellence.

The Self-Guided Study Program extends the

same rigor and learning opportunities but in an independent, virtual learning setting. This alternative includes curriculum and instruction based on the state-adopted content standards. Students in grades 6 -12 are eligible to enroll in the Self-Guided Study Program.  

What makes the SGS Program unique? 

Quality Curriculum
Standards Based Curriculum

Encouraging Teachers



Standards-Based Lessons

School Events
Flexible Schedule



Participation in School Events

Program Highlights


  • Flexible schedule

  • College and Career counseling

  • Students/families can engage in campus events and extracurriculars

  • Free access to Chromebooks, headphones and Hotspots

  • Small group settings

  • Personalized check-ins with designated advisors

  • Fully online coursework

  • Self-paced, Individualized academic program that can be accelerated or slowed down to foster student success

  • Access to school meals

  • Access to Scholar’s circle (peer-to-peer tutoring program)

Interested in learning more?

Watch the videos from our SGS Virtual Open House. 

SGS Open House

SGS Presentation (23 min.)

SGS Family Interview

SGS Family Interview (16 min.)

More questions about the Self-Guided Study Program? 
Contact Drew Brannon at

SGS student traveling for sports
SGS Science Project


Weekly synchronous instructional time is comprised of designated small group or one-on-one office hours delivered via Zoom, involving live communication between the teacher and student. Asynchronous work includes assignments that are completed and submitted on the online-based curriculum, Edgenuity, as well as other ed tech programs. Families are responsible for supporting students at home to ensure work is completed on time. 



Our Self-Guided Study program uses Edgenuity as its platform for delivering academic content for grades 6-12. Edgenuity is a leading provider of K–12 online learning solutions, partnering with schools and districts throughout the country to provide the tools and support needed to maximize learning and improve student success.


Ed Tech Platforms

Our Self-Guided Study program also uses Ed Tech platforms such as Google Classroom, Moby Max, iReady, Brain Pop, and Quill, among others, to support student learning.


Parent communication is an essential component to student success. Parents receive communication from their SGS teacher and their corresponding campus every week regarding class updates and school events. Parents/guardians also receive weekly progress reports of their student's work in Edgenuity.


Larchmont Charter uses ParentSquare as its main communication hub throughout all campuses. Parents are encouraged to download the ParentSquare mobile app to interact with teachers and staff, fill out electronic forms, and download information that is unique to the SGS program. Students, grades 6-12, may also download the StudentSquare app to easily interact with their teachers, access downloadable homework files and stay in touch with events on campus. Although not required, families who choose to opt out of registering on ParentSquare will still receive communication from LCS, but cannot interact with signups, electronic signature capabilities, view their progress reports digitally, etc.

SGS Instruction Time
Lulu | 11th grade
SGS Middle School Student | Simon

Weekly Meetings

  • Grades 6-8: 3 days a week

  • Grades 9-12: 2 days a week

SGS Art Project
SGS ElementaryClass
SGS Teacher Dena

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Self-Guided Study Program part of Larchmont Charter School? 

Yes. Once a student is enrolled in the SGS Program, they become part of the greater LCS community. SGS students and families receive weekly communications from their corresponding grade-level campus so they may participate in campus and school wide events.


Who is eligible to enroll in the SGS Program?

Any current Larchmont Charter School student, grades 6-12 as well as students who are interested in LCS who fall within admissions guidelines. 


What tech equipment is needed in order to participate in the SGS Program?

LCS currently provides 1:1 devices to all its students. Students who are new to LCS will be provided a device upon registering for classes through our school. The device will be used to attend class and submit assignments. In addition, each teacher may have their own supplies depending on their planned instructional activities. Distribution for these supplies through drive-thru distribution or by appointment will be communicated to students’ families.

How do I enroll in the SGS Program at Larchmont Charter School?

Students who wish to enroll in the SGS Program must apply via the LCS lottery application process. Learn more and apply by visiting our Admissions page.

Can students with an IEP enroll in the SGS Program?

Yes; however, before a student with an IEP may enroll, the IEP team must meet to recommend the student for the SGS Program. An individual with exceptional needs, as defined in California Education Code Section 56026, shall not participate in independent study, unless the student’s individualized education program developed pursuant to Article 3 (commencing with Section 56340) of Chapter 4 of Part 30 specifically provides for that participation. If a parent or guardian of an individual with exceptional needs requests independent study pursuant to section 51745(a)(6), the student’s individualized education program team shall make an the determination as to whether the pupil can receive a free appropriate public education in an independent study placement. Please contact the case manager at your school of residence to discuss your request.

Is a signed agreement required in order for my student to attend the SGS Program?

Yes. All families must agree to and sign the LCS SGS Student/Parent Agreement prior to enrollment in the SGS Program.

Is a student enrolled in the SGS Program for the entire school year? 

Students are encouraged to remain in SGS for the whole year; however, if a student chooses to transition to school in-person, they may do so at the start of the next semester. Students should remain in the SGS program for the entirety of a given semester in which they have started. If a family chooses to transition their student back to in-person school, they may be transitioned to their school of residence, depending on the capacity of their corresponding LCS campus. Additionally, if a student is not able to fulfill their responsibility as outlined in the SGS Student/Parent Agreement, tiered-reengagement steps will be taken to return the student to in-person learning.

If there is capacity in Larchmont's in-person program at the student's grade level, LCS will transition the student to the classroom within 5 days. If there is no capacity in Larchmont's in-person program, LCS will help the student transition to enrolling in the in-person program offered by their district of residence. 

How many hours will a student be online each day?

The amount of time a student will participate in learning activities whether online with a teacher or independently online or offline will be roughly equal to a student attending school in person. 

How is attendance taken?

Attendance is work-based, meaning students must complete all their assignments to receive attendance credit. If students regularly miss assignments or do not show up for synchronous classes, group Zoom meetings or their student-teacher check-ins, their placement in the SGS Program will be evaluated and they may be required to return to in-person instruction.


What role do parents play?

Parents/Guardians are true partners in the SGS Program. Parents of elementary-age students need to be hands-on and involved in guiding students and assisting with projects or schoolwork that may be completed both on and away from the computer. Parents are essential in helping to monitor their students daily activities to ensure they are making weekly progress and are attending classes regularly.

What parent or guardian support should be expected for an SGS student during the school day? 

Parents/guardians should be able to provide an overall level of accountability and assist with structuring a student's daily school routine.

Depending on the SGS student’s grade level and ability, it is helpful to have an adult available during instructional time in order to help direct students and aid with technology, such as navigating Zoom, online curriculum platforms, uploading assignments for submittal, etc. Older students may need less assistance as they are familiar with the platforms and online resources.


Do students have access to additional academic support?

Yes. Scholar's Circle is a peer-to-peer tutoring program available to all SGS students, free of charge. The Scholar's Circle Organization is a student-led tutoring program run by our high school students at the LFP campus. 

Will Larchmont Charter School provide technology and supplies?

Yes. Students will receive a school-issued device and all necessary school supplies for use at home.


Do SGS students have access to free meals?

Yes, Grab-n-go meals are available every Monday for pickup. 

More questions about the Self-Guided Study Program? 
Contact Drew Brannon at

SGS Elementary Class example
SGS class Zoom
SGS student Eliot has flexiblity to pursue tennis

Interested in enrolling in the SGS Program? 

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