Our Team

at Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park Campus

​Lissette Rivas - Office Manager

Miriam Espinoza - Office Assistant

Yoselin Ramirez - Attendance Clerk



Eighth Grade

Cori Ayandele - Math


Kimberly McDonald - History, Mock Trial


Jonathan Mundy - Science, Computer Science 

David Wagstaffe - Spanish

Avery Watts - P.E., Basketball, Flag Rugby

TBA - English Language Arts



Erica Berning - Yoga
Anna Gagliardo - Dance
Jennifer Harper - Creative Writing, Poetry, Musical Theater
Cheryl Himmelstein - ESY Gardening
Sue Hudelson - Photography
Julie Johnson - ESY Cooking
Maria Tanquary - Art

TBA - Yearbook



English Language Arts

Drew Brannon - ELA 9, Reading Club

Ashli Choi - ELA 12, AP English Literature, Capstone 12, Senior Events Club


Joseph Ehrlichmann - Capstone 11, Capstone 12

John Perfetti - ELA 10, Read 180, Ping Pong Club

Matt Yazzetta - ELA 11, AP English Language, UNICEF Club



Elizabeth Kohne - Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, Arts & Crafts Club

Aram Marquez - Geometry

Heather Rios - Math Instructional Coach, Algebra 1

Lai Sam - Algebra 2, Competitive Math

Kwan Tam - AP Calculus, Statistics, Drone Club


Social Studies

Paul Choi - World History, AP World History, Sociology, Mental Health Awareness Club

Daniel Loh - U.S. History, Government/Economics, Capstone 12


Foreign Language

Marlene Espinoza - Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 2 for Native Speakers, Journalism Club

Angelica Pineda - Spanish 2, Spanish 3, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, Latin America Club

David Wagstaffe - Spanish 1 for Native Speakers


Physical Education


Arts and Electives

Bob Crocker - Music Appreciation, Beginning Piano, AP Music Theory, Debate Club

Jennifer Harper - Creative Writing, Philosophy

Cheryl Himmelstein - ESY Urban Gardening & Sustainability

Sue Hudelson - Photography, Yearbook


Julie Johnson - ESY Cooking

Shaun Klaseus - Into to Theater, Advanced Theater, Intro to Film, Advanced Film, Gay/Straight Alliance Club

Stacey Major - Intro to Art, Studio Art, Advanced Art, Cats & Dogs Club

Robin Power - Poetry


Student Support (Middle & High School)

Edwin Co - Director of College & Career Access

Vanessa Vazquez - Guidance Counselor


Alison Cole-Kelly - Clinical Social Work Supervisor, Student Affairs

Glaiza Collera - Educational Specialist


Bethany Cook - Occupational Therapist


Tracy Erland-Zehnder - Special Education Coordinator


Paolo Escalante - Paraprofessional

Cindy Gonzalez - Special Education Clerk


Zach Gray - Educational Specialist


Gerald Henderson - Behaviorist

Hahn Ho - Paraprofessional


Josh Huml - Paraprofessional, Soccer Club


Tamara Jordan - Educational Specialist

Laura Kettle - Education Specialist

Mario Reyes - Student Mentor

Lily Sais - School Psychologist


Myra Salinas - Senior Director of Learning & Support Services


Gina Samouel - Paraprofessional

Kyle Samouel - Educational Specialist

Hilary Thomas - Speech Pathologist 


Sara Thompson - Clinical Psychologist/Counselor 

Tasha Walker - Behaviorist