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Our Team

at Fairfax

Fairfax Campus

Tess Trillo - Office Manager

Mackenzie Walker - Office Clerk

Rachel Zepeda - Office Clerk

Mirna Hernandez - Custodian


TK / Kindergarten


Second Grade

Karen Azcunaga


Darci Anderson


Fourth Grade


Edible School Yard

Brenda Avila - Lunch Server

Hisana Binder - Lunch Server

Betsy Cavalier - ESY Cooking & Gardening

Gabby Guerrero De Mejia - Kitchen Assistant


Abraham Leon - Kitchen Assistant 


Academic Specialists

Cynthia Lay

Cameron Nelson


Student Support

Alma Dizon - Elementary Special Education Manager


Cindy Gonzalez - Special Education Clerk


Daniel Berube - After School Program/ Instructional Aide

Tara Blumstein - Occupational Therapist

Daysi Ceron - Instructional Aide

Celezte Ciprez - Instructional Aide

Robert Dominguez - Special Education Support Staff

Sy Dragon - Education Specialist

Maria Escorcia - Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant

Ghislaine Gomez-Chaclan - Special Education Support Staff

Alison Greene - Clinical Social Worker

Sarah Hohman - Special Education Support Staff

Julianna Martinez - Special Education Associate Teacher 

Devanee Matcham - Education Specialist

Emily Muñoz - Special Education Support Staff

Kelly O'Connor - Special Education Support Staff

Lauren Persichetti - Speech and Language Pathologist

Yvonne Robles - Special Education Support Staff

Jennifer Sierra - Adapted P.E. Teacher

Sara Thompson - Clinical Psychologist

Ilda Umaña - Special Education Support Staff

Yelena Zeltser - School Psychologist


After School Program

Sandra Garcia - ASP Coordinator (WIL, FFX, H@S, & SLM)

Andy Aquino - ASP Assistant 


Daniel Burube - ASP Campus Director

Celezte Ciprez - ASP Assistant 


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