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About Student Leadership

The goal of the Larchmont High School Leadership Team is to continually make our school a better place from the ground up. We plan to make a difference on our campus by providing an unforgettable school experience for every single student. We strive to uphold Larchmont’s community agreements and reach out to the surrounding area to provide opportunities for our campus. We actively work to foster school spirit. Finally, we will do everything we can to make each student feel like they are a part of our community.

Student Body Leaders

Ashley Kim, President


Hello, my name is Ashley, and I am Larchmont Charter's Student Body President. The purpose of Leadership this academic year is to rebuild our school community. No doubt, there’s pandemic fatigue all around, from educators to students. So, I wanted our Leadership Team to serve the school by uplifting student engagement and spirit and sparking a new joy in students.

Sophia Bazini-Barakat, VP


Hi! I am Sophia, I am a senior at LFP and the Student Body Vice President of Leadership. The purpose of Leadership is to boost school spirit and connect the student body with fun events and opportunities. A leader is someone who does something even when others aren't. Leadership is a group of students who are willing to put themselves out there and do things to set an example for other students. I want to make sure that I am the one friendly face at every event so more people feel comfortable participating without being judged. Leadership gives people the option to join in tons of fun events.

Rachel Kang, Secretary


My role in Leadership is the Student Body Secretary. The purpose of Leadership is to connect the students with the adults at our campus and the students themselves. We host events to connect the students and increase school spirit. In addition, we also act as the communication bridge between the administration and the students at times. As Leadership students, we also act as leaders of the school. Leadership is important because I believe that students should be able to get involved in the school and have opportunities to experience being a leader before they go out into the wider world. It makes Larchmont better by lifting the school spirit and getting students involved. If a school has no interest from the students, you can't call that a good school.

Grade Representatives

9th Grade

​Henry Readmond

10th Grade

Lazar Johnson

11th Grade

Jackie Olano

12th Grade

Abbik Ilyasov

Leadership Committees


School Spirit

Lina Chang - School Spirit Co-Chair

Ellah Shaphir - School Spirit Co-Chair

The purpose of the School Spirit committee is to raise excitement for being a Larchmont student. The committee is dedicated to cheering on our community and facilitating engagement in school-sponsored activities. The School Spirit committee plans Larchmont’s Spirit Weeks, Candy Grams, support for our sports teams, as well as lunchtime activities.



Paige Go - Events Co-Chair

Jill Gray - Events Co-Chair


The purpose of the Events committee is to plan events for students to attend. Students in this committee come up with new and exciting ideas for enjoyable events. The Events committee plans the assemblies, Homecoming, the Halloween Fair, the Spring Carnival, and much more.


Samuel Hahn - Communications Co-Chair

Rayhan Haque - Communication Co-Chair


The purpose of the Communications committee is to foster communication and relay information through as many convenient avenues as possible. Students in this committee run the LFP Announcements, post on Google Classroom & Instagram, run the Monday PA Announcements, and collaborate with the Journalism Club to send out the bi-weekly Timberwolf Howl newsletter.​

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Student Leadership Elections

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Homecoming Week