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Lottery Process

LCS students are inspired by our personalized, hands-on

constructivist approach. 

Students develop a deep sense

of self, academic excellence, creativity, and a commitment

to improving the world

they inhabit.


By law, admission at LCS is open to all students in California wishing to attend the

school. In the event that there are more students wishing to attend the school than

there are seats available, admission will be determined via a public, random lottery,

with priority given to:

  • Children residing within the jurisdictional boundaries of LAUSD

               Visit LAUSD Resident Identifier.

  • Siblings of currently enrolled students and siblings applying to

the lottery. If one sibling is admitted, then other siblings will

receive sibling preference

               Charles White ES . . . .

     Visit LAUSD Resident Identifier.

  • Children of Founding Parents

  • Children of Larchmont Charter School staff and Board Members

Verification of Preferences Indicated on Lottery Form

Verification of your priority will be done prior to finalizing your child's enrollment. If your child was offered enrollment via a priority area and Larchmont Charter School determines that your child does not actually qualify for that priority, your child will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list. Your child may still be admitted off the waitlist, as qualifying for a priority is not a condition for admission. If you need further clarification on any of these priorities, please email or contact Admissions at 323-380-7893 x302


Continuous Enrollment Through 12th Grade

Once a student is enrolled, they remain enrolled through 12th grade unless a parent/guardian releases their seat. You do not have to complete a new lottery form every year. 


Lottery Application Availability & Lottery Drawing

  • Lottery forms are made available at the beginning of each November.

  • The deadline for applications each year is in mid-February.

  • The lottery drawing is held on the last Saturday in February. 


Minimum Age for Admittance to Kindergarten in California

California Educational Code states that to be admitted to kindergarten, a child must reach the age of five (5) on or before September 1. Larchmont Charter School provides Transitional Kindergarten to children turning five (5) between

  • September 2 and April 2 for the 2023-24 school year;

  • September 2 and June 2 for the 2024-25 school year

 as per the California Department of Education website. 


IMPORTANT: Transitional Kindergarten is a two-year program. At Larchmont Charter School, TK is seamlessly integrated into our regular kindergarten classes. Our developmental and highly differentiated model ensures children are continually progressing.

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