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Su apoyo a Larchmont Charter School ayuda a mantener

Una de las mejores experiencias K-12 en Los Ángeles.

Outdoor education delivers many firsts to Larchmont students: the first time away from home, rising to new expectations and standards, increasing connections with each other, teachers and their physical environment, and separating from digital connections after a digital heavy couple of years. The annual 6th-grade field trip to the Pali Institute gives our students the opportunity to build community and autonomy in deep, meaningful ways high in the Calfornia mountains. This 3-day, 2-night trip is part of Larchmont's unique curriculum and serves to build leadership and community while seeing, touching, and experiencing the surrounding forest environment.


The cost of this incredible trip is $300 per student*. As you donate for your child's experience, please consider donating to help another child attend Pali camp as well. Your financial gift ensures that we have the means to provide each and every Larchmont student with this powerful multi-sensory, whole-child learning experience, rooted in our Larchmont Charter mission and vision.


*While every 6th-grade student may attend regardless of financial means, Pail Institute is a large expense. Your donation - whether it be $100 or $1000 - will help offset the cost of this trip and lessen the impact on Larchmont’s budget. Thank you for your consideration.


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Thank you for your support!

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