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"So happy with this school--the academics, the philosophy...all of it! Every child in Los Angeles deserves to go to a school like this one." -Eli, parent


Google Classroom es el portal donde los maestros publican tareas, comparten anuncios, recopilan el trabajo de los alumnos y brindan comentarios en un solo lugar. Todos los estudiantes, grados 5-12, tienen su propia cuenta de Google Suite que incluye un correo electrónico LCS, Drive, Docs, Classroom y aplicaciones Google Meet.

Our Values - School Wide Learning Outcomes

ESLRs (Expected School wide Learning Results) or SLO's (School wide Learner Outcomes)


A Larchmont Charter School graduate is a lifelong learner who...

Demonstrates respect...

for other students,

for oneself,

for teachers,

for school materials,

for the school site,

for one’s family and community,

for the environment,

living beings,

& the earth’s resources.

Takes responsibility...

for one’s actions,

for one’s words,

for one’s learning,

for one another,

for the health of

one’s body and mind.


when problems cannot be solved readily,

when faced with criticism and disappointment,

to work through struggles and setbacks,

by attempting trials:

examining errors, trying harder,

trying differently, then trying again.

Seeks to understand...

by formulating questions,

by pursuing answers,

by reading critically and thoughtfully,

as a reflective learner,

the perspectives of a world community.

Communicates effectively...

by writing clearly,

by listening and hearing others,

by expressing oneself honestly and

through many artistic frameworks.

One School, Four Campuses

Student Enrollment

Larchmont Charter School’s total enrollment in 2022-23 is over 1600 students. Our school is comprised of four campuses in the Los Angeles area: two elementary, one middle school and one high school. 


Hollygrove, the first of Larchmont Charter’s two elementary campuses, opened in 2005. For 2023-24, our Hollygrove community has made an exciting change: grades TK - 2 have moved to our newest campus, Wilshire, and grades 3-4 have moved to space on our current Selma campus. The new Wilshire/Hollygrove@Selma community serves over 340 students. Visit Wilshire/Hollygrove@Selma.


Fairfax, Hollygrove’s sister elementary campus, opened in 2008 and serves 240 students from Transitional Kindergarten through fourth grade. Visit Fairfax. 


Selma, our middle school campus, which opened in the fall of 2012, serves approximately 525 students in grades five through eight. Visit Selma.


Lafayette Park is our high school campus. LFP opened in 2015 and serves approximately 515 students in grades nine through twelve. Visit LFP (Lafayette Park).


The Self-Guided Study Program, which provides students with additional virtual opportunities for advancement, recently began in 2021 and includes 20 students in grades TK - 12. The program extends further access to AP classes, language classes, early college access, and credit recovery at a flexible and individualized pace. This long-term independent study program offers rigorous virtual courses for self-motivated students who would like the flexibility of working from home. Any student enrolled at Larchmont may participate in the Self-Guided Study Program in lieu of attending school in-person. Learn more about the SGS Program.


Student Demographics

The Larchmont Charter School student population is comprised of 40% Caucasian, 16% Latino, 14% Asian, Filipino or Pacific Islander, 5% African American, and 8% of other ethnicities; 42% qualify for federal free/reduced lunch, 10% are English Learners.

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