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What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public, tuition-free, and non-religious. Admission is determined by lottery. Because no one is required to go to a charter school, charter schools must meet and exceed parent expectations in order to retain their students.


Charter schools are public schools created by parents, educators and communities to provide innovation in the classroom. They are an alternative to traditional public schools. A "charter" is essentially a contract: charter schools operate free from red tape and regulation, and in return they are held to high standards for student achievement. Unlike a traditional public school, if a charter school does not meet these high standards, it is shut down.

Many of the best schools in Los Angeles are Charter Schools, which also represent one of the fast-growing movements in education.

Google Classroom es el portal donde los maestros publican tareas, comparten anuncios, recopilan el trabajo de los alumnos y brindan comentarios en un solo lugar. Todos los estudiantes, grados 5-12, tienen su propia cuenta de Google Suite que incluye un correo electrónico LCS, Drive, Docs, Classroom y aplicaciones Google Meet.

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