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Amy Held

Executive Director, Larchmont Charter School

Myra Salinas

Deputy Executive Director, Larchmont Charter School

Wilshire / Hollygrove@Selma Campus Grades TK-4


Eva Orozco - Principal

Domi Miyamoto - Assistant Principal

Selma Campus Grades 5-8


Yasmin Esmail - Principal

Greg Colleton - Assistant Principal
Valeria Annicchiarico - Dean of Students

LaFayette Park Campus Grades 9-12


Mike Kang - Principal

Lori Lausche - Assistant Principal

Haydee Garay - Assistant Principal

Edwin Co - Director of Student Affairs

Multi-Campus Leaders


Michelle Brent Neyer - Professional Learning Coordinator

Alissa Chariton - Director of Alignment & Growth

Charlie Seo - Director of Alignment & Growth

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