In September 2021, Larchmont Charter School’s Board of Directors adopted a COVID19 vaccination mandate for students and staff.  The mandate took effect 12/1 and called for all students 12+ and all staff to be fully vaccinated with limited exemptions not to exceed 10% of the population to be honored with medical exemptions given preference.  Larchmont is proud to report that 96% of staff and more than 90% of eligible students are fully vaccinated.


Larchmont Charter is committed to providing accurate and transparent information regarding COVID-19 cases on our campuses, while also maintaining privacy and confidentiality for our students and staff. This data will be updated regularly and as cases are confirmed. 

Larchmont Charter School abides by LADPH public health requirements and LAUSD policies where/when applicable. As such the policies and procedures listed here are updated periodically in keeping with updates from LAPDH.




It is now strongly recommended that students wear upgraded masks (surgical/medical grade, KN95, N95, etc.).  School staff will be required to wear these upgraded masks beginning 1/15/22. 


Positive Tests & Symptomatic

If your child has tested positive over the Winter Break please do the following:


1. Notify your child's office manager and our Director of Compliance/Operations, Esmeralda Sandoval, Esmeralda.sandoval@larchmontcharter.org


2. Isolate your child for at least 5 days and notify any close contacts In positive COVID-19 cases where an individual has symptoms, the individual must isolate for 5 days. 

If your child tested positive and has symptoms, they may end their isolation period after day 5 IF:

  • At least 5 days have passed after symptoms first appeared AND

  • Symptoms have improved and fever-free without the aid of medication AND

  • You have a negative COVID test collected on day 5 or later. (Please note that Day 0 is the date your COVID specimen was collected. Day 1 is the first day after the COVID test was collected.) 


*If you are unable to get tested and show a negative result after day 5, you will need to isolate for the full 10 days.

Please ensure that you gather the independent study material from your Office Manager while your child is on isolation orders.


Close Contacts of Confirmed Positive Cases

Vaccinated individuals (must also be boosted if eligible) who are close contacts of individuals with a confirmed case of COVID are not required to quarantine and may attend school with a negative COVID test.  They must test immediately upon being identified as a close contact, test again on day 5,  wear an upgraded mask and continue to monitor their health for any symptoms.


Unvaccinated or unboosted (if eligible) close contacts of an individual with a confirmed positive COVID case must quarantine for 5 days. They can take a COVID test beginning day 5 of the quarantine period and if the result is negative and they’re asymptomatic, then they can return to school.


Recent Positive COVID Cases

  • Individuals who had COVID-19 over winter break may return to school 5 days after they initially tested positive or became symptomatic as long as they’ve been fever free for 24hrs without medication, their symptoms are resolving and they have a negative COVID-19 antigen test.

  • Anyone who has had confirmed COVID-19 in the previous 90 days should take an antigen test only (PCR will likely still indicate positive for anyone who’s tested positive in the previous 90 days). 


COVID Vaccination Mandate

On September 21, 2021, Larchmont Charter’s Board of Directors approved the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for students who are 12 years and older beginning December 1, 2021.


To read more about LAUSD's COVID vaccinate mandate, click:



To read more about LAUSD's December 14 Resolution to delay the COVID vaccine mandate for students, click: 



Larchmont Charter School is pleased to announce our partnership with School-Pass to simplify the ease of communicating your child’s required daily health screening along with their arrival and dismissal plans. An added benefit is that there is also a School-Pass app that allows LCS parents to use their smartphones to quickly communicate changes to the teachers and the office staff. Parents will still need to sign their child in and out of the school office for late arrivals and early dismissals.

Once the account has been created, the parent will be able to add other parents as well as other persons authorized to pick up your child. Please look for this activation email. If you do not receive it, contact your school office. After you have created your account, you can download the School-Pass app on your smartphone. If you have any questions about School-Pass, you’ll see that there is contact information in the activation email.

School-Pass Parent Manual


Selma students and LFP student athletes must be tested on a WEEKLY basis. Fairfax, Hollygrove, and LFP students only need to be COVID teste-19 tested when they are feeling symptomatic with COVID-like symptoms since LA county is in the yellow tier.

COVID-19 Testing Locations

Larchmont’s COVID-19 Testing

To support Selma families with COVID-19 PCR testing, Larchmont Charter has partnered with the California Department of Public Health’s Valencia Branch Laboratory to process testing for our students (and staff). This is a self-administered front nasal PCR Test. 

To sign up your student for Larchmont’s COVID testing program, click here: https://home.color.com/covid/sign-up/start?partner=cdph572students 

Please Note: You MUST pre-register your student. This test is free for Larchmont families. 

  • For students 12 years and younger, parents must complete the pre-registration. Click on “For a Minor/Guardianship” for the question “Who is this test for?”

  • Students 13 years and older are able to provide their own consent and pre-register, if you choose. If the student will complete the pre-registration, they need to select “For Myself” for the question “Who is this test for?”

*Selma Students & LFP Athletes/Coaches Only: Weekly COVID-19 Testing is required since we are co-located on an LAUSD campus at Selma and playing sports requires weekly testing.  



Larchmont Charter School's COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP) - Cal OSHA

LACDPH Reopening Protocol for K-12 Schools (Appendix T1)

Larchmont Charter School's COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist


The Larchmont Charter School Reopening and Safety Plan for In-Person instruction is a living document and will provide updates on the planning and implementation for a safe and successful return for students and staff.

LCS Reopening and Safety Plan


This live doc contains updates and news for our staff and families.


Employee FAQs

Covid Notifications - Now What?  FOR EMPLOYEES   FOR STUDENTS

Daily Staff Health Screening Protocol

Covid Containment, Response and Control Plan


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