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About Student Leadership

Los clubes se crean por petición del estudiante y requieren la aprobación de un maestro asesor. Los clubes se reúnen semanalmente y los líderes de los clubes de estudiantes están a cargo de establecer agendas semanales y planificar actividades.

Student Body Leaders

Rachel Kang,

Student Body President


Hello! My name is Rachel Kang and I am the Student Body President for the 2023-2024 academic school year! My job as President is to oversee all the existing committees of Leadership and act as the liaison between the student body and administration. As the Student Leadership team this year our goal is to aim to foster a stronger sense of inclusivity while uplifting our school community. We do this by aiming to create an environment where every student feels valued, respected, and supported. Through various initiatives and activities, we aim to promote positive relationships here on campus!

Chloe Manilay,

Vice President

Hello! My name is Chloe Manilay and I'm the 23-24 Leadership Vice President! My job as VP is to manage the comms team, one of the three subcommittees. We take care of PA and google classroom announcements, and LFP’s social media accounts. Our team members are in charge of the closing howl at the end of announcements — ow ow owww!

Ivy Park,



Hi! My name is Ivy Park and I am the Leadership Secretary this year. I’m honored to be working alongside my board members this year and am excited for future leadership events! As Secretary I oversee our Events/Spirit committee which holds our schools assemblies, spirit weeks, and annual events!

Grade Representatives

9th Grade

​Devon Jasiukonis

10th Grade

Holly Jung

11th Grade

Diego Uzquiano Fages

12th Grade

Jackie Olano

Leadership Committees


Events / Spirit

Alisa Khomutesky - Events / Spirit Co-Chair

Cira Meija - Events / Spirit Co-Chair

The Event/Spirit Committee focuses on planning and executing various events and activities within the school. This committee includes events such as cultural events, sports activities, community service projects, lunchtime activities, spirit week, assemblies, fundraising initiatives, etc. Members of this committee are responsible for event logistics, budgeting, promotion, and ensuring/uplifting a positive experience for the student body.


Rayhan Haque - Communication Co-Chair

Maliha Chowdhury - Communications Co-Chair

The Communications Committee is responsible for maintaining effective communication within the school and engaging with the wider community. This committee handles internal and external communications, including managing social media accounts, bulletin boards, morning PA announcements, putting up posters, LFP Announcements Google Classroom page, and more. They also work on promoting the school's achievements and fostering positive relationships.

Student Support

Ellah Shaphir - Events Co-Chair

Samuel Hahn - Events Co-Chair

The Student Support Committee focuses on addressing the needs and concerns of students within the school. This committee includes initiatives dedicated to mental health and the well-being of the student body by providing academic support, individual grade PACK plans, student advocacy, supporting athletes and competitive teams, and initially creating a safe and inclusive environment (Grade reps will also be working within this committee). Members of this committee work closely with the board, student body, and teachers/WPCs, to identify areas of improvement, provide resources, and develop initiatives to enhance the overall student experience.

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Student Leadership Elections

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Homecoming Week
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Spring Carnival 
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