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School Yard

at Selma

Learning the values of Nourishment, Stewardship and Community.

The Edible Schoolyard program promotes the tenets of eco-literacy by teaching children to garden, prepare and eat local seasonal food. In the process, they awaken their senses, learn about nutrition, help to build community, and begin to take personal responsibility for the physical earth and the social community.

All students at the Selma campus have kitchen and gardening classes. Students learn about science, math and social studies while learning how to compost, collect soil samples, read and create recipes and acquire basic knife skills.

The ESY curriculum is also evident in our innovative school lunch program. The lunch we provide is made from scratch in the commissary kitchen at the Fairfax campus, using produce sourced from our local farmer’s market and meats that are humanely raised and hormone and antibiotic-free. It's delivered every day, hot and fresh, to our Selma campus. The seasonal menu includes familiar favorites (like soups on Mondays and pasta every Wednesday) as well as a range of other cuisines and flavors that reflect the diversity of our student body and expose kids to new dishes.

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