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Larchmont Charter School is seeking construction project management and architectural design services to improve its newly rented campus at 4900 Wilshire Blvd. The elements of the project include:

  • Beautification (powerwashing, repainting, etc):

    • 17k square feet of Carpeting @ $7 sq. ft.

    • Interior Paint :

    • Exterior Paint:

    • Misc./landscape (reslurry blacktop, clean up garden beds, possibly upgrade play


    • note: Color choices subject to KISC approval and includes KISC offices, if they desire


  • Upgrades: Bathrooms (raise height and maybe add fixtures) and Multi-purpose Conference Room (redo rug, paint, etc.)

  • LADBS/LAUSD compliance:

    • Exit/Fire upgrades ( including hardware for ensuring it’s monitored, door push bars & signage):

    • Minor hallway repairs (level floors, replace carpet, etc.)

    • ** Possible Sprinkler System requirement

  • Possible additional anticipated work - installation of overhead projectors, of white boards, conversion of water fountains to water bottle fillers, reconnect PA system, ensure fire system is monitored, replace missing ceiling tiles, any broken windows/doors, even out flooring where needed, reseal kitchen cement floor (epoxy), reslurry parking lot and black top and repaint lines, update play structure equipment as needed, assistance/overseeing relocation services.



Larchmont Charter School is in its 18th year of operation of serving a vibrant, richly diverse community of more than 1,600 students from Transitional Kindergarten to 12th grade. Larchmont has an inspiring, hands-on, constructivist approach that develops students' hearts and minds and challenges students to think deeply, critically, creatively, and compassionately.

The mission of Larchmont Charter School is to provide a socio-economically, culturally and racially diverse community of students with an exceptional public education. With participation from our community, we strive to instill in each student a dedication to improving the world we inhabit. Larchmont Charter School was founded by parents who had a vision for a different kind of school. At the time of its founding, the neighborhood public schools were largely segregated and had a back to basics, stripped down, one-size fits all, scripted curriculum and very little parent involvement. They wanted a school that fully reflected the rich diversity of Los Angeles, a school with a more inspired approach to teaching and a school that would embrace parents as partners in strengthening the school and instilling in our kids a dedication to improving the world. Larchmont is a constructivist school. Constructivism is a theory of learning which holds that each of us has a unique schema of the world based on our lived experience and that by interacting with our environment we make connections to what we already know and construct new meaning. It is therefore essential
that we know our students well to be able to meet them where they are and grow from there. We do this through small class size, looping, longer periods of instruction, and a focus on social emotional development and community TK-12. Learning is seen as an active process. Diversity is core to our model because it is through ensuring a richly diverse environment - of both people and programming - that we create the setting for learning to occur. The diversity of our community provides students the opportunities to interact and benefit from students and staff from disparate backgrounds often resulting in a variety of perspectives leading to diversity of thought and increasing critical and creative thinking. The diversity in the program - both interdisciplinary project based learning and the rich array of enrichment and elective offerings - music, art, movement, cooking, gardening, improvisation and more TK-12 - tap into our students' multiple intelligences and facilitate them making connections across the curriculum. This is the power of our model.


Larchmont has operated on multiple campuses in the course of its history. The 4900 Wilshire site was leased due to needing to relocate our elementary from 815 N. El Centro where it’s been located for more than 15 years. The outlined project list is high level and may grow over time.


Requirements to Bid

All prospective vendors must submit the following by 5pm Friday, 1/27/23:

  • Your bid/estimate to provide these services

  • Your relevant credentials and experience (particularly supporting charter schools and navigating City of LA for approvals)

  • References

  • Any other relevant information you wish to convey


Timeline & Basis for Selection

Larchmont will tentatively award contracts by 1/30/23 and will base its decision on a combination of cost, qualifications/experience and positive references. Inquiries should be directed to Amy Held, Executive Director -


Thank you for your interest.

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