“One lives not just for oneself but for one’s community.” - Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Our country lost such an icon and trailblazer with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She was an inspiring example of determination and advocacy for equality for all of us. 

I'm writing now with a couple of quick updates and requests:

  • Annual Giving Drive

  • Advocacy

  • Staying Healthy

  • Preparing for College During the Pandemic

  • Curriculum

  • Assessments

  • Learning Loss Mitigation Funds

  • PPP Update


This is our biggest and only major fundraiser of the year to help support our Larchmont community. We know everyone’s circumstances are different - this year more than ever - and we need those who can to lean in and help others in our community who may be really hurting. Thank you!


Be sure you are registered to vote, plan to vote and read up on the candidates and issues. Our school will feel the effects of the election for years to come.


I wanted to share these resources for families to stay physically and mentally healthy through this prolonged pandemic:


Thinking of our juniors and seniors during this really unusual time and how best to prepare:


CURRICULUM As an intentionally diverse school committed to nurturing critical thinking, Larchmont teachers work to bring in voices that have historically not been represented in the curriculum to ensure students have a fuller and richer sense of the world from different perspectives.


ASSESSMENTS As mentioned last week, we’re not proceeding with NWEA MAP for remote diagnostic assessments this year due to the technical challenges with doing so. Principals will share how the beginning of year diagnostic assessments in math and ELA are proceeding at each campus. These should be completed by students independently and are not used for grades but rather to help teachers target instruction and to understand learning needs at a school-wide level.


LEARNING LOSS MITIGATION FUNDS The board approved the LCAP so school leaders are working with their teac