Hi all,

I hope everyone’s doing well.  Wring with a few quick requests and updates:

Stakeholder Surveys



Annual Giving Drive



Mental Health During COVID

Please read below for all details


Stakeholder Surveys - we ask you to complete these twice a year to give us invaluable feedback on how we’re doing and what we can do to keep strengthening Larchmont. Please take 5-10 minutes to do it and submit it by Friday, 10/23.  Thank you!

o Parent (English)

o Parent (Spanish)

o Parent (Korean)


Conferences - Next week are family conferences with teachers and though it’s virtual it’s still a vital opportunity to connect with your children’s teacher(s) and better understand how they’re progressing.


Assessments - We are finishing up our beginning of year diagnostic assessments in math and English Language Arts (ELA). We do these annually to get a sense of students’ proficiency to inform instruction and intervention and to meet reporting requirements for LAUSD and state oversight. These are entirely diagnostic.


Annual Giving Drive - We are in the home stretch of our Annual Giving Drive and are so thankful for the generosity of this amazing community. We know the pandemic is impacting everyone differently. Thank you for stretching to give as much as you’re able, mindful that others might not be able to at the same level as previous years and that this is our only major fundraiser of the year because of COVID. 

Please donate now at www.larchmontcharter.org/give.  Thank you. 


Visit lavote.net to register (deadline fast approaching) and be sure to have a plan for how and what to vote on Nov. 3rd. This election will have a significant impact at both the national and local level – make your voice heard. While we as a 501c3 charter school can't advise you how to vote, you can search Google for "voter guide" and research numerous options that will give you a sense of whether candidates or initiatives on the ballot would benefit charter schools like ours or not.  


Reopening - We continue to prepare and plan, purchasing supplies, upgrading facilities, refining policies, and working with staff teams to think through all logistics. The 1:1 in-person testing is going smoothly so far. The most recent week’s data (it’s updated every Tuesday on the state website) indicates LA County’s numbers going in the wrong direction with increasing case counts per 100,000 residents (7.6 up from 7.3) and 3.7% positivity this week up from 2.9% last week. We continue to be in Tier 4/Purple, the most restrictive tier indicating widespread transmission of the virus. We’ll continue to monitor these metrics to inform our planning.


Mental Health - The prolonged pandemic and closures definitely are impacting everyone – staff, students and families. Here are some resources for parents to support our kids through this time:

COVID-19 Parental Resources Kit


That’s it for now.  Thank you so much for all you do.