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October 17th

The end of quarter one is the first milestone of the academic year. It’s a time for a brief reflection and provides a snapshot of how students are doing, which in turn allows us to examine our practices and make adjustments. It provides us with an opportunity to celebrate students and their successes, identify areas of growth, and encourage them to continue making progress. 

This year, reaching the first quarter milestone alone is reason to celebrate. Unlike any prior year, it has taken an inordinate amount and energy from all stakeholders to be able to create, what is essentially, a new (type of) school. The concerted efforts of all stakeholders has been instrumental in  ensuring a learning experience that is befitting of our values, regardless of the obstacles that are before us: 

You, our parents and guardians, have helped to keep your student on track through supervision, tech support, monitoring engagement, and being a constant source of encouragement as you’ve truly assumed the role of their “first teacher,” in your home’s classroom. 

Our counselors have been incredibly responsive to students’ academic and social emotional needs, creating virtual spaces for students to talk about their struggles and goals, as well as supporting them through the college application process.

Our support staff, including our office team and campus aides have been deliberate and diligent in both being available to students and reaching out to families, doing their best to make sure that all students are able to engage and learn.

Our teachers have worked tirelessly to learn new tools, modify/create lesson plans, implement new strategies, and so much more because the terms of engagement in educating students have so drastically changed. They model for students that obstacles are opportunities for growth. 

The students, our most important stakeholders, have as a group demonstrated an agility to adapt to new situations, courage to tackle novel challenges, and perseverance in moving forward and making progress.

LCS News Cast

Since the advanced film students, like everyone else, are doing school online, we decided to help connect people by creating a biweekly school News Cast. We did this all, working from home, and we hope you enjoy this premiere episode!

Annual Giving Drive

We are asking every family to donate to the Annual Giving Drive by 10/31. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and 100% of the funds go directly to help our school keep our small class sizes, our rich program, college counseling, athletics, arts, and much more. Please donate generously and know that no amount is too small.  We want to see how close we can get to 100% of our community giving whatever they are able - every dollar counts. Strong participation from our families also inspires outside funders to support our school, too.

Grade Updates

Believe it or not the end of the first quarter is already this Wednesday, October 14th. Progress reports will be mailed to parents this coming weekend.

Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

October is Parent Teacher Conference month at LFP. We have two types of conferences at LFP:

  • Extended Conference: 30 mins sessions for the students who would benefit from additional support. Teachers are reaching out to arrange these. Families who participate in an extended conference do not sign up for a general conference.

  • General Conferences:  10 minute sessions with individual teachers.  Student schedules with embedded links for signing up will be emailed to parents this weekend.

  • Wednesday 10/21 (8:30am-1pm)

  • Wednesday 10/28(1pm-7pm)

Athletics Update

As you are likely aware, athletics are largely on hold.  However, our eSports Season has begun! Big congrats to our athletes for a successful first week.  

  • High school: High School Esports has begun! Official team registration was this last Friday, and the first scrimmage is this weekend. As our gamer Timberwolves get ready for some official league competition, stay tuned for Twitch info so you can watch matches and cheer our team on from the comfort of your home!

  • Middle School: ResultsBelow are our results!

  • Fortnite

  • LFP #1 (Nathan Severy, Jonathan Callahan-Rives, & Brandon Vargas) defeated El Segundo MS #1 (4-0)

  • LFP #2 (Merhab Rafi, Cayden Merritt, Omar Gomez & Chris Arnold) defeated El Segundo MS #9 (4-0)

  • LFP #3 (Leo Zenaidi, Ethan Kim, Bryan Barrera, Gabe Miller) defeated KCA #1 (4-0)

  • LFP #5 - (Xaiver Cruz (Selma 7th grader), Nathan Kim, Avery Williams, & David Bass) defeated El Segundo MS #5 (4-0)

  • Rocket League

  • LFP #1 (Kambel Rowshan & Smith Rowshan) defeated LFP #2 (Rio Kohen & Fenix Kapla) 3-0

Koreatown Youth & Community Center (KYCC)

Under the MacArthur Park Community Initiative, we are currently in the process of recruiting community members within the Westlake region including parents and youth for a community council. The primary goal of this community council is to reduce exposure to marijuana and tobacco smoke among youth between ages 12-26 at MacArthur Park through engagement activities at MacArthur Park. Also, any staff at Larchmont Charter School at Lafayette Park is welcome to join our Community Advisory Board as well.

Please call KYCC at 213-365-7400 Ext. 5123 to learn more or if you have any questions. 

Baldwin Bethany Community Development Corporation (BBCDC)

Thankful Thursday

Upcoming Events

October Site Council

Monday 10/26 at 3:00pm

LCS Finance Committee

Tuesday 10/27 at 7:00pm

November Parent Coffee

Thursday 11/5 at 3:30pm

November Junta de Padres

Thursday 11/5 at 5:00pm

November Korean Parent Meeting

Friday 11/6 at 3:30pm

College Corner (Updated weekly)

List of events/information about career and college from Mr. Edwin Co

Internet Access

Stable internet access is a basic necessity for your student to be successful in this distance learning format. If your family is still struggling with securing stable and consistent internet, please complete this form and we will do what we can to assist you. You can also call the main office if you have any questions about this.


Mike Kang Principal

Lori Lausche Assistant Principal

Charlie Seo Assistant Principal

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