Larchmont Fairfax Weekly Update | 11.7.20


  • November 9 - Monday Morning Video Message | 8 am

  • November 10 - Grab n Go Meals | 12 - 3 pm | FFX Campus

  • November 11 - NO SCHOOL | Veteran's Day

  • November 12 - Prospective Parent Info Session | Signup -

  • November 13 - World Kindness Day

  • November 23-27 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

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Hello Larchmont Fairfax Families,

Hopefully you are all well and enjoying the start of this fall weekend with much cooler weather!

As you know, there was no school this past Wednesday due to a scheduled Professional Development session for over 130 of our LCS TK-12th grade teachers. In a separate, dedicated email I will share with you the results of our Fairfax Fall Parent Satisfaction Survey and trends in strengths and challenges with distance learning, but as we reflect on those results, we wanted to share a bit with you about our takeaways from this PD about how to continue our growth in making distance learning as strong as it can possibly be.

Our presenter, Angela Maiers, spent the day sharing with teachers various methods to achieve a remarkable virtual experience, including the top strategies and techniques that 

lead to deeper engagement and increased participation, more meaningful conversations, and the fostering of deeper connections. Ms. Maiers highlights for an enhanced distance learning experience emphasize several factors:

1. Learning how to maximize the value of digital tools: A broader repertoire of digital tools like Zoom Annotation, Whiteboard, Breakout Rooms, and Chat along with the use of other digital platforms (Jamboard, Peardeck, Padlet, Seesaw, Fliprid, document cameras, and others) can significantly enhance participation and engagement with online learning, particularly for younger learners for whom attention and focus can be challenging because of their age.

2. Exploring participation-based activities that make virtual experiences compelling:

Interesting techniques like Sticky Note Voting, Polling, turning cameras On and Off to respond to the teachers questions, and Cue Cards to remind students about

muting or cameras without disrupting the flow of class were just a few of the tips we

took away for keeping kids involved & engaged in this more challenging medium.

3. Discover strategies to encourage connection: It's certainly harder to build connections with students virtually, especially if it's a brand new class not continuing

a loop. Ideas such as "Beautiful Questions" (ways to get beyond "How are you?")

encourage more meaningful and thought provoking discussions by asking students

questions such as - "What made you smile this week?", "What are you most grateful for?", and "What do you still wonder about?" Using the Language of Mattering by telling students what we admire about them, what we value about them, and what we're thankful for about them, we can forge deeper connections. And finally, by giving reflection time to think about what they "Like, Wish and Wonder."

This week, all of our teachers also met with Techabee (the tech firm we've contracted with) to research and learn about new tech options for their classes.

While our satisfaction survey results were very strong as you'll see later this weekend, and our teachers are already utilizing many of these strategies, I am certain that our professional development work and work with the tech firm this week will continue to help us improve! We are so thankful to work with such a talented group of whole-child educators that are thoughtful, curious, dedicated, and caring!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to our Larchmont FFX community for your generosity with our Annual Giving Drive. We're at almost 92% participation for our campus!!!!!!! We can't thank you enough for all of your support!

Please read below for more school updates, and please look out for my dedicated email blast with satisfaction survey results and academic data from the Beginning of Year Data.

Thank you!

Andi, Mersedeh, & the LCS Faculty and Staff



We held our first Site Council meeting this week!

Site Council reps for each grade level will be reaching out to you soon to introduce themselves and share with you the notes from our first meeting. You can also reach out to your grade level Site Council rep with any questions, suggestions or concerns prior to our monthly site council meetings.



School Sing will resume November 18th after the Veteran's Day holiday.