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Larchmont Fairfax Weekly Update | 10.3.20

Updated: Oct 2, 2020


  • October 5 - Monday Morning Video Message

  • October 5 - Mandatory English Learner Advisory Committee Meeting | 6 pm | See below

  • October 6 - LCS Board Meeting | 6:30 pm

  • October 7 - School Sing | 9:15 am | Instagram Live

  • October 7 - Grab n Go Meals | 12 - 3 pm | FFX Campus

  • October 19 - 23 - Parent Teacher Conferences | Signup Genius | Coming soon!

  • November 4 - NO SCHOOL (Staff Dvpt. Day)

  • November 11 - NO SCHOOL (Veteran's Day)

You can also subscribe to iCal HERE and have dates imported to your iCal.  ALL DATES are available on LARCHMONT SCHOOL ONLINE CALENDAR



Dear Larchmont Fairfax families, 

My weekly notes to you all typically revolve around all of the wonderful school happenings that are taking place at any given moment in the classrooms (Zoom or otherwise), but this week's message has a more urgent tone.  As you all know, our Annual Giving Drive is in full swing right now. There's not that much time left to reach our mark! I know you're receiving emails about this apart from my weekly blast, but I think it's helpful to know the details about how the pledge drive directly impacts the work at our campus, especially this year since this is the ONLY fundraiser we can have because of COVID limitations on gatherings/events.

We have a long history of reaching 100% participation at the Fairfax campus, and I know we can do it again if we just set our minds to it. We fully realize these are hard times for many of our families, but we only ask for people to give what is meaningful and manageable for them. I want to make sure I can continue to send my weekly notes about all of those "wonderful school happenings" I referenced earlier, but to be able to retain all of the Larchmont highlights we all know and love, it's critical to hit the 100% mark!

What are those Larchmont Fairfax highlights, you ask? They include things like(1) New chromebook laptops to replace the ones that routinely expire or are damaged, particularly now in the face of distance learning, (2) Our two academic/reading specialists to facilitate smaller math classes and free intervention classes, (3) Math partners (an additional co-teacher in math) for every teacher and full time Instructional Aides in Kindergarten, (4) Enrichment teachers in PE, Music, Art, and Cooking & Gardening (ESY), (5) Full time resource teacher to support students with academic challenges, (6) Additional support personnel including a clinical psychologist and school psychologist and psych interns to support social emotional wellness, (7) Social skills/improv classes with Maja Watkins, (8) Our talented and experienced Lead Teachers, (9) Library classes once back on campus, (10)  Full time custodian and a newly added night crew to keep our campus clean, (11) Weekly scheduled visits by our Facilities & IT team to keep the campus & technology in tip top shape, (12) An English Language Development Specialist and a Librarian, (13) Free Math and Reading intervention groups, (14) Professional development offerings for teachers, (15) New curricular resources for distance learning & student kits, and of course (16) An amazing campus with plenty of yard space and big classrooms (really hard to come by in the charter world), ...and the list goes on! As you might imagine, this year we'll have additional costs centering around PPE for return to campus, additional technology for teachers and students, and facilities modifications for return to campus.

IN SHORT, IT'S ABOUT THE PEOPLE, THE PROGRAMS, AND THE PLACE THAT MAKE THIS SCHOOL WHAT IT IS! Larchmont has always recognized these not as luxuries, but rather necessities. Please help us remain a premier choice in education, and the best we can be for your child(ren), by giving any amount that is meaningful to your family.

With great appreciation for your continued support. Have a wonderful weekend!

- Mersedeh, Andi, and the Fairfax team



The moment you've all been waiting for! Our full Larchmont Fairfax 2020/21 Directory is now available below. Although all class rosters were previously shared, this directory will give you access to information for all staff and families from across all grades and classrooms on our campus. In a year when connections are hard to forge, we hope this will be helpful

is now available below. Although all class rosters were previously shared, this directory will give you access to information for all staff and families from across all grades and classrooms on our campus. In a year when connections are hard to forge, we hope this will be a helpful.

Directory FFX 20-21
Download PDF • 560KB


Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month, LCS Fairfax! National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 15th to October 15th. It recognizes and honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latin Americans. There are about 54 million Hispanics and Latino Americans in the United States. We encourage everyone to explore and educate themselves about the rich heritage and histories of these communities. 

Here in our community, students at Larchmont LFP have been creating amazing artwork inspired by National Hispanic Heritage Month. Check out these pieces posted to the right and left by LFP students Jessica Luna and Ashley Morales that were posted to LFP's official Facebook page, "Larchmont Charter - LaFayette Park Place."

Our own Fairfax art teacher is working with students as we speak on celebrating Hispanic Heritage through the lens of the work of Pablo Picasso. You may see the cubist style self portraits emerging more this coming week as the project continues.

We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and would love to share the following resources for those interested in exploring more:





4. (* requires Pinterest account *)

- LCSFFX Outreach & Inclusion Committee



For several years, Larchmont Charter School has partnered with the Southern CA Counseling Center to provide free counseling services to our students. They have offered us a tremendous resource to support our students' social emotional needs.

The Southern CA Counseling Center has a limited number of spaces available for students this year, too. If you feel that your child could benefit from these free counseling services, please send an email to Mersedeh at and let us know what type of support your child would benefit from.

The services will take place on Zoom using play based counseling techniques.






Our PARENT CONFERENCES will take place between October 19- 23.

Signups will be sent out via Signup Genius in the next week! Please be on the lookout for the email.

Please note that we have minimum day release schedule for all of conference week so that teachers have time to meet with families in the afternoon. That means that Zoom schedules will be modified for conference week and classes will end earlier than regular day schedules.


- Specific details will come from each classroom teacher & will be housed on the class website

- LIVE classes until 11 am on M, T, Th, and F

- Enrichment classes will follow their usual schedule each day of conference week



Our fabulous book fair committee is diligently working on finding a way for us to hold our annual book fair virtually.

The book fair will take place during conference week from Oct 19-23 and a portion of proceeds go to benefit Larchmont Charter School!

Please stay tuned for details about our virtual book fair!

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