Larchmont Fairfax Weekly Update | 10.10.20


  • October 12 - Monday Morning Video Message

  • October 14 - School Sing | Instagram Live | 9:15 am

  • October 14 - Grab n Go Meals | 12 - 3 pm | FFX Campus

  • October 14 - Larchmont FFX Parent Coffee | 3 pm | Zoom

  • October 15 - Prospective Parent Info Session | Sign up -

  • October 19 - 23 - Parent Teacher Conferences | Signup Genius

  • October 30 - FFX Halloween Community Group celebration | Zoom

  • November 4 - NO SCHOOL (Staff Dvpt. Day)

  • November 11 - NO SCHOOL (Veteran's Day)

  • November 23-27 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

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Hello Wonderful Larchmont FFX Families:

I hope this message finds you all well. On the heels of World Teachers' Day, we wanted to start by thanking everyone who sent Kudoboard photo, letter and video messages to our faculty and staff!!! It was so thoughtful and so very much appreciated right now! We'll treasure that for a long time to come.

By now, you should have received the sign up emails for our first official Parent Conference of the year. We wanted to take a moment to share a bit about what conferences will entail as well as to identify the main objectives and goals for conferences at our school.  

Conference week will take place from Monday, October 19 - Friday, October 23. Teachers have indicated their open time slots on the signups that were emailed out. Conferences have long been one of the primary means of parent-teacher communication and we at the Fairfax campus are always delighted to see the strong partnership between teachers and parents during this time. 

Conferences connect meaningfully to the strongly embedded ESLRs (respect, communication, understanding, perseverance, responsibility) at every Larchmont campus as they help guide how students will approach both their learning and behavior.

a. Conferences create a process of communicating the progress of students to parents through conversations that allow parents to explore their child's strengths and setbacks thereby also opening the lines of communication between parents and children.  

b. Conferences encourage students to take responsibility for their learning and to learn that they are in control of their own efforts as they reflect upon their achievements and challenges.  

c. Conferences reward perseverance - the pride in accomplishment that students feel when they have positive reinforcement from parents based on teacher feedback can be immensely motivational.  

d. Conferences teach self-evaluation and self-reflection skills as students seek to understand their own learning. Prior to conferences, some of our teachers (especially in the older grades) will ask students to identify and analyze their strengths and weaknesses as learners to prompt a thoughtful discussion between parents and teachers.

We are looking forward to our Zoom Parent-Teacher conferences. Please note that progress reports will continue to be distributed in December as they always have been. As mentioned in last week's blast, during conference week, students will have live classes until 11 am so that teachers can begin conferences immediately after. Enrichment classes will continue to take place at their usual times.

In other news....

1. Most classes have now completed beginning of year Reading and Math assessments and we will be sharing high-level results with you in future blasts as we track the progress at our campus.

2. All of our Reading Academy classes are now scheduled and most are underway.

3. We're celebrating Halloween on Zoom this year at Fairfax!! Students can dress up in their costumes on Zoom on Friday, October 30th. We'll also have a special ALL SCHOOL COMMUNITY GROUP to celebrate! Please read on below for further details. We're looking forward to a fun day!

Finally, we're asking every family to donate to the Annual Giving Drive by 10/31- this is our biggest fundraiser of the year and 100% of the funds go directly to help our school keep our small class sizes, our rich program, college counseling, athletics, arts, and much more. We're already up to 35% of our campus donating!!!!!! Please donate generously and know that no amount is too small.

Thank you for all you do to make Larchmont great!

All the best,

Andi and Mersedeh