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Hollygrove Weekly Update | 12.5.20


  • December 8 - Co Principals' Office hours | 11-12 pm; ZOOM |

  • December 8- LCS Board of Directors' Meeting | 6:30-9 pm | ZOOM

  • December 9 - Morning Sing | 9:15 am | ZOOM | LCSHG

  • December 9 - Wednesday Grab & Go Breakfast & Lunch Pick-Up | 11-1 pm |

  • December 11- Special Coffee with Dr, Peter Katona | 8 to 9 am | ZOOM | LCSHG

  • December 18- Special Winter Assembly | 8:30 am | ZOOM | LCSHG

  • December 21- Jan 4 - WINTER BREAK

  • January 5 - SCHOOL RESUMES ON ZOOM | 8:30 am

You can also subscribe to iCal HERE and have dates imported to your iCal.  ALL DATES are available on our online calendar



TK meets with the producer of REACH Space Podcast for Kids as they plan their own upcoming podcast!


Dear Hollygrove Families,

We saw so much joy on zoom this week as our community came back together after the week long break. And, in a flash, it's already December with our winter break just 2 weeks away.

We have a very special guest scheduled for this week's (12/11) upcoming Friday Morning Coffee. Dr. Peter Katona, not only a clinical professor of medicine in infectious diseases, but also the grandparent of two current Hollygrove students, will join the Larchmont community to discuss the current health crisis we are all facing. Dr. Peter Katona is a nationally recognized expert in infectious diseases and bioterrorism. Please click here to learn more about Dr. Katona and his work. Please note that the coffee for 12/11 will be held from 8 to 9 AM which is earlier than our usual time. The ZOOM information is below and we will send out a reminder later in the week. In the meantime, mark your calendars as you do not want to miss this special opportunity to talk to Dr. Katona!


Meeting Date/Time: Friday, December 11th 8:00 to 9:00 AM

Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 863 9857 7970

Passcode: LCSHG

Next, we'd like to highlight the upcoming virtual World Fair! For those of you new to Hollygrove, our annual World Fair highlights the best of Larchmont Charter School. Each year, students and families from all four of our campuses, gather at Hollygrove to share in the traditions, the music and foods that make up our diverse community. Since we're not able to hold our regular event, Larchmont's 15th Annual World Fair is going virtual.

Submissions are rolling in and our team is looking forward to sharing all of this amazing content with family and friends, both near and far! Check out this awesome video example from one of our LFP High school students. Remember, you can document anything from a recipe, a dance, a song that is representative of your family, your heritage or both. Be sure to read the information below for more ideas and how to submit your content. Everyone who submits by 5 PM on December 11th will be entered into a raffle for some great prizes! Please reach out to Jason Daley Kennedy ( if you are interested and willing to support the virtual World Fair. Specifically, Jason could really use help with editing submissions, graphic design and populating a Word Press web based site. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Jason with any questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alissa & Eva



Read more below...




As a reminder, all siblings not currently enrolled at Larchmont Charter who wish to attend must complete a lottery form for the 2021/22 school year - this applies to all grades and all campuses.  Lottery forms must be completed and submitted by 5:00 pm February 17, 2021.  The lottery form is available on line at  



Scholar's Circle strives to lessen the financial burden on LCS families while providing students with resources to succeed. Larchmont students will receive a sense of safety, support, and build strong relationships from the comfort of their homes.

Detailed information about the Scholar's Circle program...

  1. Our default schedule is on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 - 5:30 PM. 

  2. Wednesdays are the only days dedicated to Math and Science. Thursdays are for English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language.

Here is the link to the To-Be-Tutored Sign Up Sheet



GREAT NEWS!! Larchmont has contracted with a tech firm called TechaBee. We have hired this firm to help support families and teachers by answering your tech-related questions, supporting your technology, and managing your devices. TechaBee is here to help with tech issues regarding Chromebooks, Zoom, technology apps, and much more! We have taken this action to be as responsive as we can as a school to your tech needs during this distance learning period.

The help desk is available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. During COVID-19 families are also free to email the help desk at any time! 

Email all requests to, CC

This email address ( forwards straight to the TechaBee help desk so we can more quickly resolve your tech issue.

Please be sure to ALWAYS CC Belinda and Terence so we can keep track of your tech request. 



Our full Larchmont Hollygrove 2020/21 Directory is now available through the link below.

We will send out the password in a separate Hollygrove Newsletter.

Although all class rosters were previously shared, this directory will give you access to information for all staff and families from across all grades and classrooms on our campus. In a year when connections are hard to forge, we hope this will be helpful

is now available below.

If you have any changes to your Directory listing, please be sure to email us at



We know the stress of the time has proven to be challenging for many of our students and their families. We are partnering with the Southern California Counseling Center again this year, and we have 4 counselors/interns that are working with student clients and holding weekly telehealth counseling services this year. Please note that this counseling opportunity is for students who attend Hollygrove, only.

If you are interested in this service and would like more information, please reach out to Eva and Alissa at



Our Virtual Tours have launched! Please spread the word!

We are looking for families that are willing to help us broaden the circle of Los Angeles families that know about our school. We would like to harness our diverse group of parents and their unique set of connections to help us! We are hosting several prospective parent tours over the next two months and it is a great opportunity for new families to learn about our school. Please feel free to share the flyer below about our upcoming tours with any other parent communities who have children that might want to learn more about our school and our upcoming lottery!

We have one online info session left that is scheduled from 9-10 am on the following date:

  • Jan. 26, 2020

Please pass along this sign-up link to all interested friends and family!

Please click here for a Hollygrove specific flyer.

Please feel free to send this flyer to your preschools, sports teams, parent groups, local businesses, or any other child-centered communities that you are a part of. If you are willing to get more involved in outreach or take printed flyers to local businesses and opened community centers across our city, please reach out to We could really use the help!



Teachers will be taking attendance every day in their live Zoom classes. On Wednesdays, the completed independent work will indicate that your child is present asynchronously and your child will be marked present accordingly. If your child is going to be absent (both synchronously and asynchronously) for any reason, please email your teacher and

To receive credit for attending asynchronously (not live/zoom) students/parents must both:

  • Log into Seesaw or view the teacher's assignments via their websites to access and complete assignments AND

  • Complete the Distance Learning Attendance Certification Form

  • Please notify your teacher & email when you know your student cannot attend synchronously or asynchronously. 

Questions about attendance?  Email our office manager, Solace, at




Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 863 9857 7970

Passcode: LCSHG

Note: You an always find the link in the LCS online calendar.



New: Now Also Providing Free Breakfasts at Our Lunch Drive Through!

We are excited to be able to provide all of our LCS students with free breakfasts and lunch. We welcome all of our LCS families to come pick up breakfasts and lunches for their students on Wednesdays, 11am-1pm at the Hollygrove campus whether they pre-ordered or not.

Please remember to bring a piece of paper with your child or children's first and last name and grade level written in large clear letters. This will be shown to our staff through your car window. Please remain in your vehicle and wear a face covering at all times while on campus. Thanks and see you on Wednesday!



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