Hollygrove Weekly Update | 10.17.20


  • October 19-23 - Parent Teacher Conference Week

  • October 20 - Co Principals' Office hours | 11-12 pm; ZOOM |

  • October 21- Co Principal Story Time | 8:30 am; ZOOM | LCSHG

  • October 21- Morning Sing | 9:15 am | ZOOM | LCSHG

  • October 21 - Hollygrove Breakfast/Lunch Service at Hollygrove | 11 - 1 pm

  • October 23- Friday Morning Parent Coffee | 10-11 am | ZOOM

  • October 28 - Learn About Dia de los Muertos Morning Sing | 9:15 am | ZOOM | LCSHG

  • October 30 - Special Friday Hollygrove Halloween Assembly | 8:30 am

  • November 4 - NO SCHOOL (Staff Development Day)

  • November 6- Friday Morning Parent Coffee w/ Selma Principal Sarah Perkins | 10-11 am | ZOOM

  • November 11 - NO SCHOOL (Veteran's Day)

  • November 23-27 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

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Indigenous Peoples' day Bitmoji Bookshelf!


Hello Hollygrove Grownups,

As we round out another week of distance learning, we continue to see incredible learning and teaching happening all day long at Hollygrove. From classroom councils, to student made web pages to learning our letters and sounds, reading together, writing drafts in all genres, and eating apples in ESY, in some beautiful, silver-lining way, this is still school as usual. Kudos again to our talented and dedicated team!

Next, thank you to all who joined our parent coffee on Friday where Hollygrove parent and therapist, Savannah Sanfield, shared some key centering and calm down "Cool Tools" for parents. Our discussion on Friday ranged from discussing guilt around too much screen time to balancing parenting, distance learning and our own work -- all at the same time. Savannah urges all of us to move through this difficult time with great self compassion, accepting our situations and our own self limitations. Please take a few minutes to review these Cool, Calm and Collected short cuts to parent self-regulation. Savannah also shared this list of tools for us to make use of as we continue to nurture or reestablish connection with our children. Thank you to Savannah for sharing her her time, her compassion and her expertise with the community!

Next, it's the time of year where the LCS network collects feedback from their main stakeholder groups: staff, parents, and students. Please take a few moments to let us know how we are doing at our Hollygrove campus. As school leaders, we review all of the survey data in aggregate form and use this information to reflect, improve, and grow. We really do take this process seriously, and are eager to learn more about what is going well and where to focus our next steps when tackling our areas of growth.

Here are the family surveys links:

Please take some time to take this survey and give us your feedback!

And, before we head out for the weekend, we want to remind you that we're right smack in the middle of our Annual Giving Drive and Hollygrove is moving along, growing our participation numbers. So far we're at 37% participation at Hollygrove and we want to see how close we can get to 100% of our community giving whatever they're able - every single dollar counts. If you want to help us to continue to grow this amazing school, please pledge to help us reach our 100% participation goal so we can keep all of the necessities, enrichments and opportunities our students deserve in a high quality and high performing public education.

Thank you again for all you do to make our community what it is year after year! We thank you in advance for all of your support and generosity! LARCHMONT ANNUAL GIVING DRIVE Have a wonderful weekend! Alissa & Eva hgrprincipal@larchmontcharter.org