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ESY Corner

September 2021

Welcome to the monthly ESY download! Here you will find updates about our wonderful ESY Program as well as the very special ESY lunch/ breakfast menu.

We wanted to begin by letting everyone know that our ESY lunch/ breakfast program is now free for all students! This is not your average school lunch. We have the amazing Chef Gwen who prepares these meals with her team from scratch each and every day. Fruits and vegetables are sourced locally from our farmer friends at the Helen Albert Certified Farmers’ Market weekly with mostly organic finds and antibiotic free and humanely raised meats. There is always a vegan option available for those who don’t eat meat or dairy.

We provide healthy, sustainable meals to our students, offering delicious lunch favorites like pasta bolognese or marinara on pasta Wednesday and the beloved Chicken Pot Pie. We also aim to offer worldly flavors to develop and deepen the pallets of our young food adventurers. Asian Noodles, Korean Drumsticks, Italian White Bean Soup and Moroccan Meatballs are just a few of the international offerings to look forward to. Please contact Mimi ( if you have any thoughts or questions about breakfast or lunch.

We are also so happy to welcome our students back to live classes in our Garden and Kitchen Classrooms. Students will be hands-on growing, cooking and eating while learning to be stewards of the planet. Stewardship, restorative practices, sustainability are things students will be hearing and learning a lot about.

As our world keeps changing around us we seek to inform our students about ways in which they can help. On that note, we LOVE to have the help of our wonderful Larchmont families in our ESY program. Until we can meet face to face we could use your help with donations to our newly expanded and mostly barren garden areas. We are starting from scratch this year so soil and plant donations are much needed and gift cards to nurseries or Whole Foods type places would be greatly appreciated!

Please contact Nickey directly ( for specifics about garden needs, or Mimi ( for kitchen questions.

Check back here monthly to hear what’s growin’ on in our ESY program!


Nickey & Mimi

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