The Lego Movie

Time:   3:30pm-4: 30pm
Dates: 04/19 to 06/07
Cost:    $120 (8 weeks)
Grades: (kinder to 5th)
Min and Max: (8 to 15 students)

Have you seen "The Lego Movie"? Get ready to take your fascination with Legos to the next level! Movies By Kids will provide all the Legos you need to create amazing movies. The ideas will be yours, you will build the sets, and you will operate all the equipment to bring your masterpiece to the big screen. Whether it’s a re-creation of an epic pirate battle scene, or an adventure in another galaxy, this class is the ultimate chance play with Legos and make them come to life using the art of Stop-Motion-Animation (Kindergartners will narrate an iMovie)! All movies will be made available to download online.

$12.00 **Reduced Price, for pre-approved families only - Lego Movie
$120.00 Full Price - Lego Movie
April 19, 2016 at 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Hollygrove Campus