Student Life & Extracurricular Activities

LFP offers students the opportunity to try a variety of sports including: soccer, track, basketball, volleyball, and more as the program grows. A vibrant arts program includes chorus, theatre, dance and more. Larchmont has a robust spoken-word program, which begins in our elementary program and grows through high school to include poetry slam, speech and debate, and a literary magazine (coming soon!). The daily schedule includes Extended Lunch, a half hour period after lunch when student clubs meet. Current students have taken the initiative to secure faculty advisors and found clubs that match their interests, such as the Coding Club, Basketball Club, Anime, Dance, Mentorship, Volunteer and UNICEF Clubs. In addition, our Student Leadership and Yearbook groups meet during this time. Extended Lunch provides an opportunity for students to make decisions about how to engage their interests and utilize the academic supports available to them every day at this time.