SPED & Spanish


The student support staff continues to provide accommodations and modifications to ensure all students have access to the curriculum. In 5th grade ELA, we are reading the novel “Blood on the River” and students are working on creative projects to increase their awareness and understanding of the colonization that happened in Jamestown, VA. In 5th grade Math, we have started to teach the concept of integers and students are making number line banners to increase their understanding of positive and negative numbers.

SPANISH Miguel Alvarez

6th Grade
   What is culture? this is the question the sixth grade Spanish class will be answering with their fresh off the printer Spanish project. Students will be working in groups and researching and presenting culture from a Spanish speaking country. Focusing on the art, history, lifestyle, cuisine, etc. of a Spanish speaking country of their choosing. They will create dances, travel brochures, a travel show, and even cook a dish from the country to represent culture. My goal is for them to know what the culture from their Spanish speaking country is. Once they know this, the project is a success. In regards to grammar and vocabulary, students have been learning school items in Spanish and how to read, write, and say large numbers (one million and up)
5th Grade
   5th grade Spanish students have been learning emotions in Spanish. They are able to greet and ask how someone is doing and how to respond with various emotions. This is key to being fluent in Spanish. We also began learning parts of the body in Spanish. They will be able to describe what part of their body hurts and even sing head, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish! Their current project is to create their own monster and label its parts of the body. They will also describe their location and tell me what their monster can or cannot do in Spanish! To work on our conversational Spanish, students are able to ask and respond to what their favorite color is? if they like a certain color and have learned the definite and indefinite articles in the Spanish language.