Spanish & Student Support Team

Spanish Miguel Alvarez

5th Grade - In Spanish class students are learning how to say and write various parts of the body. We learned the Spanish version of the song head, shoulders, knees, and toes! The students love engaging with the song and are so happy when we sing it. We used our constructivist skills to create our own unique monsters by describing the parts of their body in Spanish. Students were even able to describe some of their monsters' attributes and ways of being all in Spanish. Some of the monsters were very scary, creative, and funny. I love when I see art & music merge with Spanish. For our cultural aspect of the class​ we are learning about Meso-America and connecting it with their colonization projects. We are realizing how much impact colonization can have on civilizations and how these empires dealt with the change. 
6th Grade - In 6th grade Spanish, students are learning classroom items. This gives me the wonderful opportunity of using the words in class. I can say "please take out your pencils, please take out your notebooks, do you need a piece of paper?", etc., ​and students would understand the instruction by finding the connection with the word. Students are working very hard on their Spanish-​speaking country projects. One of the key differences between our project and a traditional country project is the way they will be presenting the information. They have to use their creativity and resources to avoid presenting their research on ​a powerpoint or poster. ​Students are planning to create​ cooking shows, travel channel programs, travel brochure
​s​, newscasts, dances, games, and many more wonderful ideas!​ I am excited for the final ​outcome. Culturally, we are learning about the Mayans and how they adapted to their environment; ​this connects with the theme of their signature projects. 
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Student Support Team Dallas Washburn

The student support staff continues to provide accommodations and modifications to ensure all students have access to the curriculum. In 5th grade ELA, we are continuing to read the novel “Blood on the River” and students are starting to conduct research on a Human Rights Figure for our informational writing unit . In 5th grade Math, we have started to teach the concept of multiplying decimals, including estimation, to ensure answers are reasonable.