Spanish in December

Spanish Miguel Alvarez
Quinto Grado (5th Grade)
Exciting things are happening in 5th grade Spanish. Students are just wrapping up their Shapes unit. Students are able to spell (including placement of accents =) , pronounce, and translate numerous shapes in Spanish. Some of those shapes include spheres, stars, diamonds, etc. Students previously learned colors in Spanish and we were able to connect both by creating our own color/shapes monsters, designed only by shapes and colors! Each monster had a sentence in Spanish describing each shape and color in their body. Students created some amazing monsters! We also continue to travel around the wonderful Spanish speaking countries and learning about their culture and cuisine. Students are able to taste the culture, there is no better way to be engaged in the culture than with food. In the next few weeks we will be introducing emotions in Spanish. Students will be able to describe how they are feeling and add skills to their conversational Spanish.
Sexto Grado (6th Grade)
Students in 6th grade Spanish are learning how to say various animals in Spanish. Students are able to name lions, raccoons, ostriches, tigers, bears, gorillas, etc in the target language. They are also able to have dialogue on animals, for example they are able to ask and respond to what can they find in the zoo? what animals do they prefer? where does a specific animal(s) live? and what do they eat? Lastly, students took their knowledge and designed their own crazy zoo. Their crazy zoo had animals of all shapes and colors. I had students describe the animals using color and adjectives in Spanish. I told many of them to consider a career in zoology and architecture. Next unit students will be learning numbers beyond a million.