Spanish & P.E. in November

SPANISH Miguel Alvarez
In 5th Grade Spanish students have learned how to greet each other and say their goodbyes to end a conversation properly. It brought me great joy to see my students engage in conversational Spanish at such an early stage in our program. Students even know how to differentiate their conversations formally and informally. Students are also able to tell you every letter in the Spanish alphabet plus the ch, ll, and rr. Students also know their colors in Spanish and numbers 0-19. They can even sing you a few songs to teach you greetings, colors, and numbers. I am looking forward to our Día de los Muertos lesson in a few days. It is truly one of my favorite parts of teaching Spanish. 
In 6th Grade Spanish students have added numerous questions and answers to improve their conversational Spanish. They have learned how to ask for each other's name, ask how old a family member is, ask who is missing in a picture or event, describe how someone is, describe one another and ask why they are that certain way, ask how much something costs, and for our wild animals unit ask what is in a zoo or a certain location. Students are able to describe opposites, know numbers 0-100 in Spanish, and name various wild animals in Spanish. I am looking forward to our upcoming project were students will create their own zoo in Spanish!

This past month we wrapped our first venture into fitness testing. Students were working to test their strength, muscle endurance and speed.  However, due to weather changes our fitness testing ceased and the students were able to enjoy PE inside of the auditorium.  To much of their enjoyment our auditorium was transformed into a dodgeball arena where students had to articulate teamwork and sportsman-like conduct. With fitness testing at its completion our next unit of kickball should be a blast, where students will be given the opportunity to illustrate the teamwork characteristics we are developing.

Click here to listen to student Hugo Owens talk about Coach Keith's team building activity.

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