Michelle Cantrell

Michelle Cantrell


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Where did you go to school and what was your major?
I went to UCLA for my undergraduate education and studied sociocultural Anthropology. I then attended Antioch University for my teaching credential, where we focused on teaching for social justice.

What is your highest degree held?
I have a B.A. in Anthropology from UCLA and a California teaching credential. I plan to eventually return to Antioch for a Master’s in Education.

Why did you want to be a teacher/work in education?
I actually stumbled upon this work by accident! I was inspired by a close friend who had started working at a progressive elementary school, and became fascinated by the things they were doing in education. I got a job as a TA at that same school, and subsequently met some incredible teachers who changed my life forever. That first day on the job, I realized teaching is what I wanted to do. My passion has only continued to grow since that day.

How long have you been teaching/working in education?
This is my fifth year teaching in general, and my second year as a credentialed teacher.

What is your favorite thing about LCS?
I have been floored by LCS so far! The people are incredible—teachers, administrators, parents, students, support staff, and everyone else involved in nurturing and sustaining this environment. There is a sense of passion and purpose here that makes it a magical place to work, and I am so inspired by the model of the school and craft of its educators. Social-emotional learning and project-based learning are very important to me, and I feel lucky to work at a school that puts those things in a place of priority.

What was your favorite book when you were the age of your students?
Where the Wild Things Are