Purchase an AD SPACE FOR YOUR BUSINESS. The student council members will be soliciting local businesses as well. We expect about 800 attendees at this event!

Program messages and ads are due by this Sunday, June 4. We realize this gives you only 4 days and we apologize for the short notice, but an opportunity to have these wonderful keepsake programs came along - and we couldn’t pass on it. You may contribute to the promotion fund until Sunday, June 18. Any funds raised beyond the cost of the ceremony, reception, and programs will be used to purchase an 8th grade class gift to the school chosen by the students.

·       BUSINESS FULL PAGE AD | $200 | Color or B/W | size: 8” (width) x 10” (height) | PDF (Press Optimized), TIFF or JPG @ 300dpi or higher***

·       BUSINESS 1/2 PAGE AD | $100 | Color or B/W | size: 7.5” (width) x 4.625” (height) | PDF (Press Optimized), TIFF or JPG @ 300dpi or higher***

***After making your online payment, please e-mail your ad artwork and/or messages (enclosed within quotation marks), by this Sunday, June 4, to Dragana Popovic (dragana@kw.com). Please indicate your student’s name in the title of the email. We will reply to you confirming that we've received the message(s). If you don’t hear back, please email again. Be sure to proofread your ads/messages carefully for spelling, punctuation, and size/format before submitting. 

As always, your generosity is appreciated. Thank you for all that you do to support your student and Larchmont Charter School. We look forward to celebrating with you on June 14.

$100.00 Business 1/2 Page Ad
$200.00 Business Full Page Ad
June 03, 2017 at 6pm - 9pm