Kelsi Mills

Kelsi Mills

Hollygrove Lead Teacher

I have been teaching elementary students for the past eleven years, both
in California and abroad. I earned my teaching credential and Masters in
Education from the University of California, San Diego, and started my
teaching career teaching kindergarten and first graders at a charter
school in Chula Vista. I then spent three years teaching third grade at an
international school in Cali, Colombia. I made the most of my time
abroad: traveling all around South America and experiencing many new
places and cultures. I moved to Los Angeles four years ago, where I have
been teaching 1st and 4th grade at an International Baccalaureate
charter school on the Westside. One of my favorite things about teaching
is seeing my students grow and progress throughout the year. I especially
love sharing my love of reading and writing with my students. When I am
not teaching, you can find me traveling, doing lots of yoga and reading.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?

What is your highest degree held?
Masters of Education

Why did you want to be a teacher/work in education?
I loved working with young children. I enjoyed seeing them grow and develop, and supporting them with their academics.

How long have you been teaching/working in education?
12 years

What is your favorite thing about LCS?
The strong sense of community and ability to be creative in the classroom

What was your favorite book when you were the age of your students?
Little House on The Prairie