Katy Cohen

Katy Cohen

Hollygrove Lead Teacher - 2nd Grade


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Ever since I was little, I was always on a team. Whether it was playing soccer, softball, or water polo while growing up in Laguna Niguel; or being in Tridelta sorority at UCSD; and finally being a member of the student organization for the MAT program at USC. Being on a team was where I always felt confident and had so many fun opportunities doing so. I volunteered throughout high school and college, which led me to be involved in tutoring children in younger grades. With this experience, I decided to major in Human Development at UCSD, and found myself intrigued by the development process in early childhood. In order to explore the cognitive processes of children at these early stages, I added on a Psychology minor. One of the greatest experiences in my college career was being able to study Psychology abroad in Athens, Greece. This was my first time traveling to Europe, and first time traveling alone! The last step in my journey to becoming a teacher was enrolling in graduate school to get my Master’s in Teaching at USC and ultimately harnessing my skills in the classroom.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?
UCSD- human development, psychology minor

USC-master’s of arts in teaching

What is your highest degree held?
Master’s degree

Why did you want to be a teacher/work in education?
I have always worked with children and new that was my passion. After studying human development, I knew that I wanted to be a part of children’s learning and making great discoveries about education and their passions. I am passionate about guiding students to achieve the greatest success that they can.

How long have you been teaching/working in education?
This will be my first year teaching, however, I have worked in the classroom and education for 5 years.

What is your favorite thing about LCS?
My favorite thing about LCS is how welcoming and supportive the staff, teachers, and parents are!

What was your favorite book when you were the age of your students?
My favorite book used to be Eloise.