Jennifer Harper

Jennifer Harper

Jenny Harper grew up in Miami, Florida. In 2007, she moved to Los Angeles, California where she taught voice lessons, performed and wrote musicals and films, worked with Alzheimers and Dementia patients with physical conditioning and studied philosophy and screenwriting. This is Jenny’s third year working with Larchmont Charter School. Jenny is currently a MAE candidate in Education at Alliant International University. When she isn’t working on her graduate degree or writing lesson plans, Jenny is busy writing, hiking with her doggies and traveling as much as possible. Jenny graduated high school at New World School of the Arts, in Miami, Florida; undergrad at University of Central Florida BFA Musical Theatre; grad Alliant International University, MA.

Where did you go to school and what was your major?
I went to High School at New World School of the Arts in Miami, Florida with a concentration in Musical Theatre. I hold a BFA in musical theatre from the University of Central Florida and I currently a MAE candidate at Alliant International University.

What is your highest degree held?
Current candidate Master of Arts in Education

Why did you want to be a teacher/work in education?
I come from a long lineage of educators and teaching comes instinctively to me. I am an eternal student and knowledge is my passion so I feel ecstatically compelled to share. I also feel deeply about leaving the world a better place .

How long have you been teaching/working in education?
I have been working at Larchmont Charter School for 3 years now. I worked in the private school system and privately one on one with students for 6 years prior….so 9ish?

What is your favorite thing about LCS?
My favorite thing about Larchmont is the “Larchmont Way”. I am so proud and in-sink with the philosophy and cultural unity of our school; I love that I feel I can make a difference and help students receive the kind of education and mentorship they deserve.

What was your favorite book when you were the age of your students?
The Awakening, Man’s Search For Meaning, The Giver