Independent Study

Please help keep your child up to date with their classwork as well as help to diminish the financial loss of student absences by completing Independent Study when your student is not in school.

1.  Please complete the Independent Study Agreement by clicking HERE.  You will receive an email from our office within 24-48 hours with your child’s assignment DUE DATE.   

 2.  Download and print the following:

     a.   Work packet for your child’s grade level:

     b.   Work Log for your child’s grade level:

 3.  Assignment directions:

     a.  Please complete ONE DAY of work for EACH DAY OF ABSENCE.

     b.  Students may NOT repeat any pages of work.  For each day of absence, a NEW sheet must be completed.

4.  Work Log:  Parents must document work completion on the Work Log sheet.   Without the work log, the Independent Study packet cannot be accepted.  Please remember to SIGN and INITIAL the Work Log sheet.

 5. Submit the following two items to your child's teacher by the due date: (a) complete work packet and (b) signed and completed work log.  Late work can’t be accepted by the attendance office.  NOTE:  PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT THE PACKET ALONG WITH REGULAR CLASSROOM HOMEWORK!!  PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD HAND IT INTO THEIR TEACHER APART FROM GENERAL HW SO IT IS NOT ACCIDENTALLY OVERLOOKED.

 6.  General Questions: please email Tess Trillo at or Mari Worden at  If you need help printing documents, please contact our office and we'd be happy to help. For questions about individual assignments, please email your child's teacher directly.  Thank you.