Reminder - We are instituting a weekly early dismissal day on THURSDAYS this year in response to feedback from teachers about the need for more time to collaborate and plan and a desire for more high quality professional development.  Planning together and participating in professional development helps to ensure that our instruction involves meaningful, challenging, differentiated, and quality learning experiences for all students, including:

  • Meeting in grade ­level teams to look at student performance data and talking together about instructional changes designed to meet individual student needs. 
  • Gathering in collaborative groups to share we have learned with other faculty and administrators across campuses tin regards to best practices. 
  • Working within and across grade­ level/cluster/department teams to engage in curriculum design and work to “map” the curriculum to ensure continuity from Grades K-­12.
  • Participating in professional development, which is an integral part of teacher and classroom success because it keeps educators abreast of advances in education; deepens teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills; provides opportunities for teachers and professional experts to share best practices and reflect upon our own experiences and those of others.  Early release days allow for ample time to effectively listen, participate, and reflect on the pedagogical skill presented which are not possible with fewer meeting times.

We know this is a big change for families. There will be additional enrichment classes after school on Thursdays and the cost of the regular after school program will be the same for all days regardless of dismissal time.

Thursday release times by campus:

FFX Campus

K/1st grade will be dismissed at 1:30 pm EVERY THURSDAY

2nd/3rd grade will be dismissed at 1:40 pm EVERY THURSDAY

HGR Campus

K/1st/2nd grade will be dismissed at 1:30 pm EVERY THURSDAY

3rd/4th/5th grade will be dismissed at 1:40 pm EVERY THURSDAY

SEL Campus

4th/5th grade will be dismissed at 1:15 pm EVERY THURSDAY

6th/7th/8th grade will be dismissed at 1:30 pm EVERY THURSDAY

LFP MS Campus

LFP middle school will be dismissed at 1:30 pm EVERY THURSDAY

LFP HS Campus

LFP high school will be dismissed at 2:00 pm EVERY THURSDAY