Hollygrove Campus


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Welcome to Larchmont Charter School at Hollygrove!

Larchmont Charter grew out of a dream. In February 2004, a group of parents convened in their neighbor’s backyard to discuss creating an alternative neighborhood school within the Los Angeles Unified School District. At the time, their existing local elementary school in the Hollywood area lacked diversity, was overcrowded, and was under-performing.

The group wanted much more for their children and their community. They wanted the school to reflect the racial and socio-economic diversity of their neighborhood and Los Angeles at large. They wanted a more progressive, constructivist curriculum and academic rigor, and they wanted to harness the energy of families, educators, and the surrounding community by making volunteerism a pillar of the school. 

Today, Larchmont Charter School at Hollygrove is a thriving campus that is home to 400 students from Transitional Kindergarten through fourth grade. The Hollygrove campus houses 18 classrooms. Our staff is comprised of 18 Lead Classroom Teachers, one full time Reading Specialist, six talented Enrichment Teachers, three Resource Specialists, and one school psychologist. Our dedicated staff strive daily to maintain a constructivist approach to education that encompasses interdisciplinary instruction around academic subjects. One goal is for our students to use their academics to be a collaborative, respectful, and active community member. Our class Signature Projects include research and action based results. Students become an active learner and community member. Our students learn not only how to succeed in academia, but also to flourish in visual and performing arts. Students have a diverse assortment of enrichment classes in art, music, cooking, Edible School Yard, Improv and physical education. A second goal that we have is for our students to love learning and never stop learning. The students take their learning from the classroom to the playground and then to the family dinner table. 

Larchmont Charter School at Hollygrove has developed a reputation for academic excellence; it is a place where exceptional teaching and learning is the norm. It is such a blessing to be part of such an amazing school community. 


Alissa Chariton and Eva Orozco

Co-Principals – Larchmont Charter School at Hollygrove