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Larchmont Charter School’s High School Program rigorously prepares students for college while continuing to foster the love of learning and creative processes that are the hallmark of our elementary and middle school programs. All students receive high level, college preparatory humanities, mathematics, and science instruction and learn how to creatively utilize what they learn to positively affect the world around them. Students also have access to engaging electives, including leadership and arts opportunities, which help them continue to grow as well-rounded, successful persons who are also able to gain entrance to the college and career path of their choice.


Larchmont’s high school curriculum is designed to meet and exceed the college admission requirements of top universities and colleges. Core content area courses and most electives satisfy A-G course requirements for admission to University of California and other highly selective universities. Beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year, the high school will implement its Advanced Placement program. In this first year, four Advanced Placement courses will be available to students, including AP World History, AP US History, AP English Language, and AP Biology. In the 2015-2016 academic year, an additional four AP courses will be added to the course catalog.


The daily schedule includes Extended Lunch, a half hour period after lunch where teachers hold office hours and student clubs meet. Current students have taken the initiative to secure faculty advisors and found clubs that match their interests, such as the Economics Club, Book Club, Guitar, Debate, Mentorship and Volunteer Clubs. In addition, our Student Leadership and Yearbook groups meet during this time. Extended Lunch is also utilized for faculty office hours and tutorials which students can take advantage of when they feel they need additional help with classes. Study hall and quiet reading spaces are also available. Extended Lunch provides an opportunity for students to make decisions about how to engage their interests and utilize the academic supports available to them every day at this time.


Integral to the high school program is the Director of College and Career Access, who works with the administrative team to ensure all core academic courses are College Board/University of California A-G approved and that our Advanced Placement program is on track for implementation. Our Director, Mr. Edwin Co, holds extensive experience developing successful high school college counseling programs, and has served as an academic counselor at the college level as well. He currently oversees the PSAT/SAT testing program for the high school. All current sophomores took the PSAT in October, successfully initiating Larchmont’s college preparatory testing program. As students progress through high school, Mr. Co will continue to serve as a counseling resource to students as they make decisions about where they want to attend college, complete the college application process, and apply for financial aid.

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