1) Order your 2017-2018 LCS HOLLYGROVE YEARBOOK by WEDNESDAY MAY 23! A great keepsake of all the wonderful activities from this school year. 75+ pages of student photos (school projects, special events, field trips, after school classes and clubs) messages from families, and pages for autographs and notes from classmates and friends. The price is $25 PER YEARBOOK ($12 PER YEARBOOK/REDUCED PRICE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIES) 

2) We are ready to accept your YEARBOOK SHOUT OUTS. Each year we sell space in the yearbook for you–and Grandma and Grandpa and dear friends and aunts and uncles and cousins and even the family dog–to send personal well wishes and congratulations to your student. The price is $10 PER SHOUT OUT MESSAGE ($5 PER MESSAGE/REDUCED PRICE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIES) and the money will go directly to the yearbook fund in order to keep it affordable, and to make sure that every child will receive a yearbook. 

Please e-mail your messages to by MONDAY MAY 14When you email us, please include "SHOUT OUT" in the subject. Please include YOUR NAME, CONTACT INFO, AND STUDENT’S NAME in the body of the email, along with your spell checked SHOUT OUT in quotation marks. We will reply to you confirming that we've received the message(s). If you don’t hear back from us, please email again. Limit your messages to 200 CHARACTERS. Be sure to read them carefully for spelling, punctuation, and length before submitting. We have had some sibling messages in the past, and the misspelled words stayed in for sweetness and humor’s sake. You can pay for your shout out below or drop a check or cash in the front office drop box with "YEARBOOK SHOUTOUT" and your child’s name on the envelope. 

3) We are selling BUSINESS AD SPACE

Support the yearbook and promote your business by purchasing an ad in the Hollygrove Yearbook! Sizes and prices are a Full Page (7.5x10) for $260, Half Page (7.5x5) for $130, Quarter Page (3.75x5) for $65 or Eighth Page (3.75x2.25) for $35. Click here to see specs and sizes. Email your final camera ready PDF, 300dpi JPG or EPS (Illustrator with all fonts as outlines) to All ads must be received by MONDAY, MAY 14.  When you email us, please include "AD" in the subject. Please include YOUR NAME, CONTACT INFO, and AD SIZE PURCHASED in the body of your email. If you have any questions about file or formats, let us know. You can pay for your ad below or drop a check or cash for your ad purchase in the front office drop box with "YEARBOOK AD" and your child’s name on the envelope.  

4) Please make your PAYMENT for yearbooks and messages BELOW.

5) If you would like to submit photos for yearbook, the deadline is MONDAY, MAY 14! Please email them to

Please name your photos/subject of the email–for example: jog-a-thon, morning sing, and/or your kid’s/teacher's name, grade level... We’d like to include photos of ALL kids, and from as many school activities as possible–so please search your own photo archives and email them to the yearbook team. Photos of 2/more kids are preferred, so that we can make sure that as many kids are represented in the yearbook as possible. Self-editing prior to submission is greatly appreciated!

*** If you have a child on Fairfax, Selma or LaFayette campus as well, please place that order separately through LCS-Fairfax, LCS-Selma, or LCS-LFP yearbook ordering links.

Make sure to enter your child(ren)'s name(s) into the "In Honor Of" field when entering your payment info on the next page.


$260.00 Full Page Ad
(see specs link for sample)
$130.00 Half Page Ad
(see specs link for sample)
$65.00 Quarter Page Ad
(see specs link for sample)
$35.00 Eighth Page Ad
(see specs link for sample)
$25.00 Donation to Yearbook Fund
Your donation will ensure every Hollygrove students receives a yearbook this year.
$25.00 Yearbook
$12.00 Reduced Price Yearbook
(for qualifying families only)
$10.00 Yearbook Shoutout
$5.00 Reduced Price Messages
(for qualifying families only)
May 23, 2018 at 10pm - 11pm