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Spring 2016

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FOR QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL jack.satchyan@larchmontcharter.org.


Classes begin April 18, 2016 and end June 10, 2016

UPDATE: Registration deadline moved to Friday, April 15, 2016 at 5pm. Class confirmation will be emailed to parents before classes begin.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION before registering for a class:

Payment for enrichment classes is due immediately upon registration. Enrichment class fees are NON-refundable. If your student misses an Enrichment class due to illness or family emergency, we are NOT able to refund any portion of your payment.

Families who have been pre-approved for the FREE or REDUCED lunch program may register their child for one class at the discounted price. Additional classes will be charged at full price. 

Most classes require a minimum number of students for enrollment. If the class does not meet the minimum number of required students, you will be notified and get a FULL refund or select a different class. All classes have a limited number of spaces and scholarship spots available.


Jack Satchyan
After School Program Director 



Mad Science Extravaganza
Time:   3:30pm-4:30pm
Dates:  04/18 to 06/06 (NO Class on May 30th)
Cost:    $120 (7 weeks)
Grades: (kinder to 3rd)
Min and Max: (8-18 students)

In this electrifying session of Mad Science, mini-scientists will experiment with a variety of fascinating topics. Students will get a charge out of our plasma balls, and explore the states of matter with dry ice and gooey slime. Race a balloon rocket, and become a junior engineer working with axles, levers, and wheels. Discover the fundamental forces of gravity and inertia and experience a thrilling water rocket launch in this Mad Science Extravaganza! 


Fun with Food with Abbie Sterling
Time:   3:30pm - 4:30pm
Dates:  04/18 to 06/06 (NO Class on May 30th)
Cost:    $110 (7 weeks)
Grades: (kinder to 3rd)   
Min and Max: (8-12 students)

Fun with food is a playful, inspiring, hands-on class that does everything from creating bicycles with food to making whales and other animals. We use our imagination while creating a lifelong interest in food that can help to encourage healthy eating habits for life. Class materials are provided with the class fee.


Digital Storytelling in the Garden with Ms. Abby C.
Time:    3:30pm - 4:30pm
Dates:   04/18 to 06/06 (NO Class on May 30th)
Cost:     $110 (7 weeks)         
Grades: (2nd and 3rd ONLY)
Min and Max: (3-10 students)

Students will create short videos about different aspects of gardening. Some examples include: create a video explaining why having a garden is important, or create an instructional video about planting and caring for a garden, or create a video making snacks with freshly harvested produce, etc. The students will come up with stories they want to tell and work together to create the short videos using digital media tools (digital cameras, iMovie, photo editing software, etc). Class takes place in our school garden. 


Drum Circle with Malcolm Moore
Time:    3:30pm - 5:00pm
Dates:   04/19 to 06/07
Cost:     $120 (8 weeks)                                   
Grades: (kinder to 3rd)  
Min and Max: (5-20 students) 

Drum circles promote communication, social skills, and musicality. Like exercise, it can be therapeutic by utilizing hand/eye coordination, listening skills, & eye contact; especially for high energy students who may benefit from artistic group activity.

During Drum Circle, students will Discover, your own rhythm first ‐ from, playing along with a recording, to building up your confidence, and expressing yourself musically - you can do a lot to demonstrate your love of music and inspire the circle. Don't be self‐conscious; remember it's about helping students discover the rhythm that's already within them!


Zip Zap Zop Improve with Maja
Time:    3:30pm - 4:30pm
Dates:   04/19 to 06/07
Cost:     $120 (8 weeks)                                    
Grades: (Kinder to 3rd )
Min and Max: (4-25 students)

This improve class allows students to use their imaginations while building strong friendships! Students will develop their unique comedic voices by engaging in active storytelling, movement, and improve exercises. Parents are welcome to join the fun and observe a showcase the last day of class.


Chorus with Mat Baker
Time:    3:15pm - 4:00pm
Dates:   04/19 to 06/07
Cost:     $15 (8 weeks)                                     
Grades: (Kinder to 3rd)
Min and Max: (4-15 students)



Funky Diva Dance
Time:    3:30pm - 4:30pm
Dates:   04/20 to 06/08
Cost:     $120 (8 weeks)                                   
Grades: (Kinder to 3rd )
Min and Max: (6-15 students)

Catch on to the latest dance craze! Learn the basic techniques of dance and how to move to the beat! We promote a healthy life-style for kids by doing fun-physical activity, and teaches kids to express themselves through music and movement.  This is a performance-based class, which helps students to gain confidence and self-esteem.  Learn dance routines from your favorites like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, classics from the past and all of your favorite radio tunes! A performance in funky costumes will be given on the last day of class to show off your new moves!


Little D.I.Y. Designers with Cecilia
Time:    3:15pm - 4:15pm
Dates:   04/20 to 06/08
Cost:     $120 (8 weeks)         
Grades: (2nd to 3rd)
Min and Max: (5-10 students)

Join us as we explore the wonderfully imaginative and gratifying experience of D.I.Y. where we will be learning to DO-­IT-­Yourself and DESIGN-­it-­yourself! Our little designers will put their originality to good use as we develop fun and functional creations through the art of design. Creatively satisfying projects include design and construction of personalized magazine holders, wall art, wallets, t-­shirts, gifts, and much more. These eco­friendly projects are sure to spark a passion to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere!


Coding by Got Game
Time:    3:30pm - 4:30pm
Dates:   04/20 to 06/08
Cost:     $125 (8 weeks)         
Grades: (2nd to 3rd)
Min and Max: (5-10 students)

Technology is most certainly the way of the future!  What better way to get a competitive advantage in this world than to get started early learning introductory coding? Join Got Game as we get started with the fundamental basics in coding, and before you know it, you'll be redesigning the websites for Fortune 500 companies! While Got Game is a new vendor to our Fairfax families they have taught robotics and coding at our Selma campus since December 2015. We are thrilled Got Game is expanding to our Fairfax campus!



Fitness Club with Coach Alan
Time:   8:00am to 8:25am
Dates:  04/21 to 06/09
Cost:   $15 (8 weeks)
Grades: (kinder to 3rd)
Min and Max: OPEN

Join Coach Alan on Thursday mornings and enjoy an extra PE class. Your child will play various types of games and activities that will help him/her progress in PE. It’s also a great way for your child to be active and have fun before school. This is a school‐wide Fitness class and the degree of difficulty will be age appropriate. Remember that all the proceeds go back to LCS, so this is a great way to let your child have fun, yet still give back to the school.

Enchanted Children Adventures
Time:    2:00pm - 3:00pm
Dates:   04/21 to 06/09
Cost:     $120 (8 weeks)                                   
Grades: (kinder to 3rd)
Min and Max: (6-15 students)

Our journey begins with a trunk of dress-up. Next, we gather on the magical carpet and share who we are and what our magical powers will be. Children use their imagination to craft a fantastical world where dramatic play and improvised storytelling lead the way. It’s an on-going story, each class infused with art, kindness and wonder.




Time:   3:30pm-4:30pm
Dates:  04/22 to 06/10
Cost:     $ 120 (8 weeks)
Grades:  (kinder to 3rd)
Min and Max: (8-18 students) 

¡Clase de español is here! What a great opportunity for beginners and fluent speaking students alike to learn, practice, or simply brush up on their Spanish skills as they grow up in our diverse and very multicultural city! In clase de español, our students will engage, play, and do hands on activities to help them learn Spanish. Through fun games, songs, and engaging activities your children will learn new Spanish vocabulary words and Spanish expressions that they will be able to use in their every day life and to communicate with Spanish speaking friends and family, neighbors, and people from our communities.


Academic Chess
Time:   3:30pm-4:30pm
Dates:  04/22 to 06/10
Cost:    $120 (8 weeks)
Grades:  (kinder to 3rd)
Min and Max: (8-25 students)

We are devoted to promoting the merits of chess among children by using stories, dances, and catchy songs to make the game of chess exciting and easy to understand. Children participating in our program: Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills; Have better concentration and mental discipline; Gain confidence and have lots of FUN!!!  All students in chess club receive an exclusive Academic Chess workbook, prizes for good sportsmanship and participate in the “BIG TOURNAMENT” on the last day where all kids take home a prize! 






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April 18, 2016 at 12pm - 3pm