This order form is for FAIRFAX yearbook/campus only. If you have a child on Selma campus as well, please order that yearbook separately through the Selma office, OR online at 

1) ORDER YOUR 2015-2016 LCS FAIRFAX YEARBOOK by NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 27! A great keepsake of all the wonderful activities from this school year. 100+ pages of student photos (school projects, field trips, afterschool classes and clubs), messages from families, and pages for autographs and notes from classmates and friends. 

2) We are ready to accept your YEARBOOK PERSONAL MESSAGES. Each year we sell space in the yearbook for you–and Grandma and Grandpa and dear friends and aunts and uncles and cousins and even the family dog–to send personal well wishes and congratulations to your student. The price is $10 PER MESSAGE ($5 PER MESSAGE/REDUCED PRICE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIES) and the money will go directly to the yearbook fund in order to keep it affordable and make sure that every child will receive a yearbook. 

Please e-mail your messages, enclosed within quotation marks, to Dragana Popovic, Natalia and Dimitri’s mom, at by NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 27. Please indicate which campus and grade/class your child attends

Dragana will reply to you confirming that she’s received the message(s). If you don’t hear back from her, please email again. Limit your messages to 80 words. Be sure to read them carefully for spelling, punctuation, and length before submitting. 

We have had some sibling messages in the past and the misspelled words stayed in for sweetness and humor’s sake. 

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$20.00 Yearbook
$10.00 Yearbook Messages
$10.00 Reduced Price Yearbook
(for qualifying families only)
$5.00 Reduced Price Message
(for qualifying families only)
June 16, 2016 at 9pm - June 17, 2016