Fairfax Campus


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Welcome to Larchmont Charter School at Fairfax!  Recognized as one of the highest performing charter schools in Los Angeles, Larchmont at Fairfax is relentlessly committed to providing meaningful, challenging, differentiated and quality learning experiences for all of its students. 

Founded in 2008, Larchmont at Fairfax opened its doors to 40 Kindergarten and 20 First grade students boldly embarking on a newly established school in West Hollywood. Today it stands 242 students strong and serves students in grades TK – 4th. The Larchmont campus at Fairfax houses 10 classrooms, each with a Lead Teacher, in addition to two full time Reading Specialists, dedicated enrichment teachers in Art, PE, Music, and Gardening/Cooking, a Resource Specialist and other specialized staff.  With a deep passion for educating the whole child using a Constructivist approach, Larchmont’s elementary program encompasses interdisciplinary instruction around the core academic subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, social sciences and science, in addition to a diverse array of enrichment classes in art, music, physical education, gardening, and cooking.

Step through our doors and you will see the mission of Larchmont Charter School - - academic achievement, diversity, and dedication to the improving our world - - come to life! 

  • You will see it in Morning Meetings where students are given the opportunity to not only practice literacy and math concepts, but also to build cohesion as a community as they greet each other and share important life experiences. 
  • You will see it during Reading Groups where all students receive daily, small-group ELA (English Language Arts) instruction in the analytics of reading, literature appreciation, vocabulary development, and communication and writing skills. 
  • You will see it in our use of the Everyday Math curriculum as students work with hands-on materials to problem-solve using multiple strategies, thereby fostering true proficiency. 
  • You will see it in our Signature Projects – one of the most important hallmarks of our school. Signature Projects propel students to be stewards of positive change as they participate in meaningful service to their communities.  Based on principles of eco-literacy and social justice, each student embarks upon a 2-year continuum around a signature project grounded in a project based learning approach.  For Hero Projects, for example, third graders research national heroes and then design and facilitate an action project in support of a beneficiary of their choosing. 
  • You will see it in our weekly enrichment classes (art, music, PE, gardening and cooking), which are not considered a luxury at Larchmont, but rather an integral part of child development and personal expression. 
  • You will see it in our instructional model known as looping.  Looping is where the teacher stays with a group of students for two full academic years – for example, teaching them all in kindergarten the first year, then teaching the same group in 1st grade the following year.  Looping allows for teachers to more deeply develop relationships with students and families and to better gauge student strengths and needs.
  • You will see it every Friday morning during School Sing assembly when our entire community gathers together to sing and view student presentations. 
  • You will see it reflected in our Edible Schoolyard affiliation with the Alice Water’s Foundation.  Our Edible Schoolyard program teaches children not only to garden, plant and harvest food as part of our biological science program, but it provides a delicious and nutritious hot lunch prepared each day in our very own kitchen at the Larchmont Fairfax campus.
  • You will see it in our school field trips that enrich the curriculum and give children the opportunity to learn in real-world settings. 
  • You will also see it in the way we complement our strong academic preparation with social and emotional development as we gather in Community Groups to bridge connections between our older and younger students; as we teach conflict resolution through the UCLA program known as Cool Tools; or as we highlight the pillars of our character education program, known as the ESLRs (Every Student Learns and Respects), in our classrooms and common areas.

Having been fortunate enough to be a part of the Larchmont vision for the past eight years, first as a teacher and then as an administrator, I invite you to explore what it means to be a part of Larchmont Charter School at Fairfax.  I am confident that when you do, you will recognize it as one of the premier educational settings, as I do. 


Mersedeh Emrani

School Leader – Larchmont Charter School at Fairfax