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Weekly Blast: May 19, 2018

From Your School Leader  

Dear Larchmont Families:
We almost can’t believe it, but we’re rapidly approaching the end of the year.   One of our main tasks as a team at the end of every school year is to determine the classroom placements for students who are not in the middle of a loop (i.e. Kinder, 2nd, and 4thgrade).   The classroom placement process is VERY complex and many factors enter into the decision making process.  The protocol involves the two lead teachers from the outgoing grade meeting with the two lead teachers from the incoming grade along with myself and other members of our team for several hours before reaching a consensus.  The task for each grade level team is to find the optimum placement for each child while also developing balanced classrooms based on the knowledge they have about the students.  We assure you that each grade level team (with assistance of specialists, admin, counselors, special education team, etc.) takes much time, effort and care in developing class rosters that result in offering all children the most successful educational experience possible.
Following are a few of the factors that are taken into consideration during our deliberations about placement: the program needs of the child; a balanced ratio of boys to girls; a balance of academic achievement levels; behavior factors regarding each student; social needs and the compatibility of students with others in the classroom; special needs; peer relationships; learning styles; personality and disposition; independent work habits and leadership skills; and compatibility with various teaching styles.
Some parents ask what opportunity they have in providing input into their child’s placement.  We know that you may have pertinent information about your child that you would like considered in the placement process. Examples of information we find helpful are: “My child needs a lot of structure,” or “My child responds best to information presented using multiple methods. ”  If there is any such information about your child that you feel your teacher does not already know, please feel free to reach out to us to share that information. 
Since our number one goal is to find the most appropriate placement for all children and to create balanced classrooms, we are not able to honor requests for specific teachers or for students to be placed with special friends or apart from certain classmates, but we do guarantee that we will do all we can to ensure thoughtful placement of each child. We are confident that no matter where they are placed, that they will have classroom environments that are warm, structured, nurturing, caring, supportive, and engaging for every child.    
We hope this was a helpful window into the inner workings of our placement method.  

Very best,

This is for LCS-FAIRFAX yearbook/campus only. 
1) If you would like to submit photos for yearbook, the deadline is SUNDAY, MAY 20! Please email them to ffxphotos@gmail.com:
Please name your photos/subject of the email–for example: jog-a-thon, track, science fair, 2nd grade field trip, and/or your kid’s/teacher's name, grade level... We’d like to include photos of ALL kids, and from as many school activities as possible–so please search your own photo archives and email them to the yearbook team. Photos of 2/more kids are preferred, so that we can make sure that as many kids are represented in the yearbook as possible. Self-editing prior to submission is greatly appreciated!

2)  Order your 2017-2018 LCS FAIRFAX YEARBOOK by SUNDAY, MAY 20! A great keepsake of all the wonderful activities from this school year. 100+ pages of student photos (school projects, field trips, afterschool classes and clubs), messages from families, and pages for autographs and notes from classmates and friends. The price is $25 PER YEARBOOK ($12 PER YEARBOOK/REDUCED PRICE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIES)  Please make your PAYMENT for yearbooks and messages ONLINE at http://www.larchmontcharter.org/fairfax_yearbook_2018

3) We are ready to accept your YEARBOOK PERSONAL MESSAGES. Each year we sell space in the yearbook for you–and Grandma and Grandpa and dear friends and aunts and uncles and cousins and even the family dog–to send personal well wishes and congratulations to your student. The price is $10 PER MESSAGE ($5 PER MESSAGE/REDUCED PRICE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIES) and the money will go directly to the yearbook fund in order to keep it affordable, and make sure that every child will receive a yearbook.

Please e-mail your messages, enclosed within quotation marks, to yearbookdedications@larchmontcharter.org by SUNDAY, MAY 20. Please indicate which grade/class your child attends. We will reply to you confirming that we've received the message(s). If you don’t hear back from us, please email again. Limit your messages to 80 words. Be sure to read them carefully for spelling, punctuation, and length before submitting. We have had some sibling messages in the past, and the misspelled words stayed in for sweetness and humor’s sake. 

Remember, please make your PAYMENT for yearbooks and messages ONLINE at  http://www.larchmontcharter.org/fairfax_yearbook_2018

*** If you have a child on Hollygrove, Selma or LaFayette campus as well, please place that order separately through LCS-Hollygrove, LCS-Selma, or LCS-LFP yearbook ordering links.


Dear Larchmont FFX Families, 

It is with a considerable amount of difficulty that I officially announce that I will not be returning to Larchmont Charter next school year.  For all of my seven years here I have been ceaselessly supported by staff, students, and families alike and there is no other way to say it other than this:  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  I will never forget the experiences and friendships I have made here and sincerely wish all at Larchmont the best in the future.  

If you'd like to contact me concerning the possibility of any off-campus endeavors such as private acting coaching/training please email me at my school address before the school year ends (will.todisco@larchmontcharter.org) and I'd be happy to pass along my personal email to any interested parties.  
Again, thank you all so much for your boundless support which, in turn, has fostered the tremendous artistic and social growth of all the Larchmont students that I was lucky enough to teach here at LCS.

Will Todisco


We, too, want to take this opportunity to thank Will from the bottom of our hearts.  He's been an integral member of our team for many years.  Will's Improv class has been so beneficial for all of our students, not just for social skills, but also for important skills such as public speaking, debate, collaboration, inclusiveness, and much more.  It was because of Will that Improv became one of our staple enrichment classes.  We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!  We plan on continuing to offer Improv next year and are in the process of finalizing an offer as we speak.  We will keep you posted on that exciting news very soon!



Tweens + Tech, Tuesday, May 22nd - 5:30pm @Selma Auditorium


Parents of 4th graders +, please join us for an informative evening with Julia Storm and Abigail Wald. Come learn about Social Media Do’s and Don’ts, Creating a Family Media Plan, Online Safety & Parental Monitoring Cultivating Mindfulness Offline and much more. 



Want to give your child a break from the iPhone/iPad and get them working out with other Larchmont Charter School students?  And better yet, get your own workout in with other parents at the same time?  Come join us for a special Larchmont Charter School only workout class at LA’s newest fitness studio, WO·LA! 

Started by two dads Craig Juda and Leonard Chung, WO·LA was created to give children and adults in urban LA an inspiring way to collectively invigorate their bodies, minds and souls via an exhilarating 45-minute resistance and cardio workout. Larchmont Charter School students will be working with one of WO·LA’s superstar instructors in their own dedicated studio, while Larchmont Charter School parents will be simultaneously doing a workout in a second studio next door with their own WO·LA instructor. 

After all the hard work, enjoy some healthy refreshments and a swag bag of WO·LA apparel.  

Appropriate for children ages 8 and older. $50/ticket— a single ticket is for 1 child and 1 adult. June 3rd, 3-4pm. 

Sign up at www.larchmont.onlinepartybook or email Kayla directly at Kalpert@mac.com 

2018-19 LCS Calendar - NOW READY!

start making plans

Larchmont Charter's 2018-19 calendar is now available. To view, click:
2018-19 LCS Calendar

iCal Calendar for LCS

worried about missing important dates? 

Larchmont parents can now subscribe to the Larchmont calendar dates by copying and pasting this link into a browser.  No more missing important dates because they will populate in your iCal!  As we update dates throughout the year, they will automatically be reflected in the calendars of subscribers without you having to do any work.  Huge thanks to parent Mia Marano for setting this up for us!!


UPDATE:  ical can be imported to Google calendar too!  Click on this link to see how to do that!!

Intent to Return Form for 2018-19

All families were sent the Intent to Return form via email​ on Friday morning, 4/27.  Please make sure to complete the Intent to Return form for each Larchmont student in grades TK-11th.  This will allow us to plan accordingly for the upcoming school year. To complete the form, click: Intent to Return Form for 2018-19.  If you have any questions, please email Esmeralda Sandoval at admissions@larchmontcharter.org.

May Lunch Menu

what's for lunch?

The May lunch menu is available now!  



The half-day camp is for singers entering Grades 4-8.  It will run June 18-23 at the Colburn School. Cost: $225.  

This is a joyful, engaging summer music-making experience for young people who like to sing. The campers will have lots of fun as they learn a variety of outstanding music, receive instruction in voice, musicianship, drumming, and participate in musical activities and games. The week-long program will culminate with a concert for the community.

For audition and registration information call 213-621-4548, or e-mail cspa@colburnschool.edu.  

Click Here to Register


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