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Weekly Blast: June 9, 2018

From Your School Leader  

Dear Larchmont FFX Families:  

I hope you're all doing well as we get ready to cross the finish line for this school year! I have a couple of important items to share with you this week...

First, recently we shared with you our staffing updates for next year, including the addition of two new amazing kindergarten teachers and a fantastic new music teacher.  We have some more great news to share.  This week, we hired Angel Pennington (bio attached) as our new Reading Specialist/Librarian.  Angel is a longtime teacher whom we discovered when she came in as a substitute for us a few months ago.  She was a lead teacher for 9 years at the New Horizon School, Westside.  We were extremely impressed by her skill, her additional certifications in reading beyond even her teaching credential, and her great rapport with students and staff.  Our students raved about her, and that spoke volumes of course.  We're so thrilled that she accepted the position. In addition, we'd like to introduce Maja Watkins who will be teaching Improv for us next year.  Some of you may know Maja already from her company - Zip Zap Zop.  They have offered after school enrichment classes for us many times over the years and Maja is already working with us offering a social skills class for some of our students.  Maja is an actor and her improv activities are nothing short of spectacular, but she also integrates a great deal of substance around the social competencies of self awareness, self management, social awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills.  We believe the Improv activities coupled with the emphasis on pro-social skills will be very beneficial for our kids.  Please join me in welcoming both Angel and Maja this Fall!  

Second, we can't let this opportunity go by without mentioning this week's Larchmont Showcase and the Fourth Grade Moving Up ceremony.  The festivities began with the science fair in grades 3-4 where students were tasked with creating a science project centered around a question of interest.  The projects were based on various hypotheses and experiments designed and performed by the students themselves, and as part of this process they had to systematically collect data from their experiments and present their findings in both a visual display and oral presentation. The topics ranged from "Do Different Types of Onions Make Your Eyes Tear Up More?" to "Will Temperature Affect Bounce?" The week continued with the K-2 projects - Artifacts in kindergarten, "All Around the World" in first grade and Heroes in second grade.  The progression from knowing yourself and your family (kinder) to knowing about your world (1st grade) to knowing about how you can make a difference in the world (2nd grade) is what our signature projects are all about.  And who could forget our annual Art Show and Spring Concert that filled our halls with beautiful art and music.  Lastly, our fourth grade Moving Up ceremony was a real tearjerker with fourth graders sharing their fondest memories of their time at Fairfax complete with a beautiful rendition of the Bob Dylan classic, “Forever Young” including sign language.  We want to wish our fourth graders and their families all the best on their new adventure and we're grateful we at Larchmont FFX got the chance to be on this journey with you!

It's been a busy week, but one that we will never forget.  We hope it was special for you, too.  

Here's to a great last week of school!  


  Cindy's maternity leave

All families should have received an email regarding communication with our main office.  While Cindy is on maternity leave until the end of September, all general office questions should be directed to Tess Trillo at marines.trillo@larchmontcharter.org.  For attendance matters and independent study agreements, please continue to email ffxattendance@larchmontcharter.org.  Thank you!


 end of year progress reports

End of year progress reports will be mailed out to all families approximately one week after school concludes. The end of year progress reports contain a long narrative section for each student with a student overview as well as a thorough description of areas of strength and areas for growth across all content areas.  

In the progress report packet, we will also include a summer reading list for your child's grade. Studies show that maintaining summer reading helps to drastically reduce any regression in overall academic skills, and of course reading is just fun!  We encourage you to use the list as a guide, but please adjust according to your child's reading level as needed.


 avoid your fines!

Just a friendly reminder that library books are now due!  

The last day to return a book was YESTERDAY, Friday June 8th! Please note that all books should be returned to the classroom library bins as soon as possible. If a your child has lost or severely damaged their book there are two options available:

1. Pay $20 fee for the book in the office with Cindy, or 2. Replace the book with another copy of the same title that is in good/New Condition. OVERDUE NOTICES WILL BE SENT OUT THIS WEEKEND VIA EMAIL!!  Please don't hesitate to contact the school librarian with any comments or concerns at fallon.perdue@larchmontcharter.org.

Thank you so much for your support and for keeping our library full with great reading material! 


what class am I in??

Classroom placements for the 2018/19 school year for first and third graders will be sent via email after our teachers return from summer break towards the middle of August.  

You will also receive a summer mailer from us in July with much of the information you'll need for the coming school year.  


  there's still time to sign up

The fun starts in August with the ALWAYS sold out Sister of the Grape & Ice Skating gatherings. Sign up now to start the school year off right! 
Thank you for an AMAZING year of partying via Party Book. These parties brought in over $45,000 this year for Larchmont. Thank you to every host, partygoer, and the Party Book chairs - Carrie Carr, Kayla Alpert & Kim Stullich!


100% participation please

Every year, families must complete a new lunch application – regardless of their status.  Please complete the 2018-19 lunch application and return it to the office or email it to admissions@larchmontcharter.org by Thursday June 14thIf you are not sure if you qualify, it's better to just complete one.

18/19 Lunch Application Download


mandatory school forms

In early August, you will receive an email regarding Larchmont's Back to School Registration via PowerSchool Registration.  Everyone - new and returning students - MUST complete these forms. Please look out for that email!


plant a tree and help the environment!

Help us plant trees all along 8th Street in Koreatown and beautify our community! It's a wonderful cause and will help boost the entire neighborhood.

When - Saturday 6/16/18 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Where - 3361 W. 8th Street
What to Bring - Sunscreen, reusable water bottle, & closed-toe shoes
Who - KOREATOWN YOUTH + COMMUNITY CENTER, Presilla Kim, pkim@kyccla.org

Sign up to be a volunteer at



it's clearing out

We've got a ton of jackets and water bottles in our lost and found bin.  All items are being donated on Friday!!!  Please make sure to stop by and pick up any items in advance of Friday.  The rack and bins will have to be cleared out before the camp arrives on Saturday.  Thank you!


2018-19 LCS Calendar - NOW READY!

start making plans

Larchmont Charter's 2018-19 calendar is now available. To view, click:
2018-19 LCS Calendar


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