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        January 11, 2020:
        Weekly Blast #21


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         Resources for Families Experiencing Homelessness • Upcoming Party Book Events • 2020-2021 Lottery • 
         • Independent Study Info • 

        First graders write resolutions for school in the new year!
        Fourth graders use steam tables to investigate how slope affects erosion and deposition. 
        Jenny is teaching kindergarten all about orchestras and instruments. Our very own kindergarten practiced being an orchestra. 


        mark your calendar
        January 13 - FFX Outreach Meeting 8:30 am, FFX Auditorium 
        January 13 - ASP Winter Classes Begin! (see below for details)
        January 15 - Staff Development Day - NO SCHOOL
        January 17 - FFX LOOP Meeting | 9 am, FFX Campus (After School Sing)
        January 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - NO SCHOOL

        January 21 - Board of Directors Meeting | 6:30, FFX Campus: 1265 N Fairfax Ave, 90046
        January 23 - FFX Parent Coffee (Growth Mindset) | 8:30 am, FFX Auditorium 

        January 24 - Korean BBQ Lunar New Year Family Celebration (Party Book Event!) 
        February 11 - Parent Ed Night 
        | 6-7:30pm, FFX Campus: 1265 N Fairfax Ave, 90046
        February 13 - 1st Annual Family Valentine Sweetheart Dance (Party Book Event)
        February 14 - LSC Hot Yoga (Party Book Event)

        February 23 - Heart Smart Challenge Jogathon!
        February 26 - Pack Run @ LFP! 
        March 19 - Ladies Only Clothing Swap (Party Book Event)
        You can also subscribe to iCal HERE and have dates imported to your iCal. 

        ALL DATES are available on our online calendar


        Dear Larchmont Fairfax Families:

        We've had a great first week back at school after winter break! Our students seemed very happy to be back at school (though a little tired), and we've delved head first into our work for the new year. 

        • We've had our new Larchmont website under development for quite some time now and I'm so excited to share with you that it will be launching soon! The website is not only beautifully configured, but it will be your one stop shop for all things Larchmont. You will have access to the school calendar, teacher information, school program information, lunch and ASP payments, lunch menus, event sign-ups, swag purchases, independent study documents, site council notes, volunteer opportunities, and much, much more! No more searching through emails for links and emails...it will all be housed on the Larchmont website and easy to find with a search bar at the very top. We can't wait to share this with you all as soon as it's ready.
        • One of our main goals here at Larchmont Fairfax has always been to build robust connections between home and school and to provide our families with many opportunities for involvement and learning at school, just like the students. To that end, during the months of January & February we will be hosting two important parent education events we hope everyone will join us for.  Join us on Thursday, January 23rd for a parent coffee on the topic of Growth Mindset and also on February 11th for a parent education night at FFX led by our fabulous Improv teacher, Maja Watkins. 
        • We also hope you can make it to the Outreach meeting this Monday AND the LOOP meeting on Friday to learn more about our parent committees and for a chance to connect with other Larchmont Fairfax families! 
        • We've got the Heart Smart Jogathon coming up on Sunday, February 23rd at Selma Ave Elementary this year! We'll be sending dedicated messages with information about that beginning this week. 
        • Finally, students have a day off from school next Wednesday (1/15) because all of our staff will be participating in Excellent School Visits all across the city. I will share more about those visits in next week's blast.

        We look forward to seeing you at all of the gatherings mentioned above and hope that you find them rewarding.

        Many thanks,
        Andi and Mersedeh 



        Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful break and that the transition back to school this week has been smooth.  I love this time of year and the opportunity it brings to start anew.  In this time of making resolutions and setting intentions here are a couple of resources to do so as a family: https://www.pbs.org/parents/thrive/making-new-years-resolutions-with-your-child
        and https://www.parenting.com/activities/family-time/10-family-resolutions-new-year/.

        One avenue to work toward goals that I’m focused on is looking at habits – what we do every day, oftentimes on autopilot, over time makes a big difference. Check out Atomic Habits and Good Habits, Bad Habits and the Science of Making Positive Changes that Stick to learn more.

        In other news:
        -       The March 3rd election is coming and while the Presidential race is top of mind, the local LAUSD school board election will have a huge impact on Larchmont and all charters.  As you’re likely aware, LAUSD has charged Larchmont and approximately 40 other charters with alleged overallocation penalties – claiming we took more space than we were entitled to at Selma in prior years.  Collectively we are fighting this.  The bill for us is under $100k and we’re fighting it, but for some small schools it’s as much as $1 million and this is after years of LAUSD providing inadequate space for students with special needs.  It’s more important than ever that everyone gets active in this board election. Make your voices heard and ensure you vote.  There are active races in board districts in the valley, in Los Feliz/Silver Lake/southeast cities, and the harbor area.  Please be sure to read up and make an informed choice for reform candidates supporting educational opportunities for all students regardless of zip code and let your friends throughout LA know who you support.
        -       Jogathons are coming up – please support your students by ensuring they’ve/you’ve created their webpage and are posting widely on social media and sharing the form with relatives to sponsor them as they prepare to run their hearts out for their school.  You will be receiving more info on your campus's event in the next few weeks - if you haven't already. Thank you! 
        -       Our lottery is at the end of February so please get the word out to family and friends to apply by the second week of February to be in the lottery and on that note please let us know if for any reason your student may not be returning.  It helps us prepare and ensure we’re fully enrolled. 
        -       Attendance matters – it’s key to learning and it’s our primary source of funding. Thank you for ensuring your student is at school every day unless they have a fever/communicable illness and that you do independent study when they’re out.  It’s cold season so extra reminders about handwashing, not sharing food/drinks, covering when coughing/sneezing, getting enough sleep, etc. are all helpful. 
        Thanks so much for all you do.




        We're so pleased to announce that our wonderful cooking teacher (and Larchmont parent & professional chef), Kori Bernards, will also be serving as our Garden teacher for the remainder of this year with a possibility of extending that commitment. 

        Gardening classes will resume the week after next. Because one teacher will now be teaching these two components of our ESY curriculum, we are excited that there will be greater integration and connectivity across content areas. The schedule for classes in each grade level for each month will now include 2 gardening and 2 cooking classes.

        Please join me in welcoming Kori to our gardening program.  

        Note: We would love to have volunteers to help support Kori with preparation and cleanup for cooking and gardening. If you're interested in helping, please reach out to Kori at kori.bernards@larchmontcharter.org. 

        Our next round of winter ASP classes begins this week!  

        Please remind your child if they are signed up for a class. As a reminder, please review our newly revised ASP policy updates listed below:

        1.  VIDEO MONITORING: All families/caregivers are buzzed in after checking our video monitoring system via our laptop computer. For any new or unfamiliar faces, staff walks to the gate prior to permitting entry on to campus. Please be sure to notify our office or ASP staff is someone new is picking up on any given day. 


        2. All families/caregivers MUST SIGN OUT when picking up a child from after school.  Paper sign out sheets can be found on the playground OR in the auditorium (depending on pick up time). In addition to being a safety precaution, this is how record keeping is done for billing for our ASP program. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.


        3. PICK UP LOCATION CHANGE– When picking your child up after an enrichment class, families will no longer be permitted to pick up from the carpool benches. Enrichment instructors will walk ALL students to the blacktop/playground where pick-ups can be better monitored by Larchmont staff. 


        4. GRACE PERIOD: The grace period for when after school charges begin is from dismissal until 3:30pm. At 3:30 pm, students are signed in to ASP and after school charges begin immediately. 


        - For the first three weeks of each session, our own Larchmont ASP Director and Assistant take roll to ensure that all students get to the correct class.


        - After week three, enrichment instructors all take roll inside of the class. To ensure that all students are in the correct designated spot, instructors report all absences to Larchmont ASP staff.     


        - After the enrichment class ends, Larchmont staff takes roll once again and students are then signed back in to general after school care.    


        6. INTERCOM SYSTEM: We are currently researching other types of intercom systems since we know our computer system can be less than consistent at times. We will keep you posted on any new systems that are ultimately decided on.


        Join us for our next LOOP (Larchmont Org of Parents) meeting this Friday right after School Sing!

        We'll learn a lot more about the Heart Smart Challenge (jog-a-thon) and ways you can get involved, plus you'll get to connect with many Larchmont families. We hope to see you there!

        Cleaning up your closet during the holidays?
        Hang on to any donations for this party!


        Come celebrate Valentine's Day with your favorite dance partner at our 1st Annual Valentine's Sweetheart Dance. Grab your dancing shoes, dress up if you're in the mood, and get ready to drink some love potion! There will be all sorts of fun to be had including games, a kissing booth (optional), crafts, cookie decorating and themed treats.

        Thursday, February 13, 2020
        Fairfax Auditorium
        1265 N Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

        Hosted By: Erica Pitman and Charity Bailey
        All Ages Welcome!
        $15 per person


        Treat yourself on Valentine's Day to a one-hour hot yoga class with Urban 728's owner and superstar teacher Joe K! He will lead us in a "Yoga Flow" class, a heated vinyasa yoga experience, accessible at all levels.  

        Friday, February 14, 2020
        1:30pm - 2:30pm
        Urban 728 Hot Yoga,
        728 N. La Brea Avenue

        Hosted By: Sheryl Rosenberg and Courtney Bright
        Adults Only
        $30 per spot


        The Improviser's Mindset: Learning Improv Games To Stay Present w/ Your Kids!
        Date: 2/11/2020, 6pm - 7:30pm
        Location: FFX Campus, 1265 N Fairfax Ave, 90046

        Childcare for school aged students available.

        This workshop will be an interactive experience allowing parents and caregivers to explore improv games that work on self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and self-management. Improv games and having the improviser's mindset allows individuals to stay present and in-the-moment with those around them. Maja Watkins takes improvisation to the next level creating opportunities to collaborate and practice social skills in an engaging and innovative way. This workshop will get you thinking on your feet, experiencing a unique approach to working with children, give you hands-on tools when practicing valuable social skills, and will have you laughing and playing improv games that are so beneficial for all individuals! Maja Watkin's book The Brain's Playground: Using Improv Games To Teach Social and Emotional Learning will be on sale at the workshop and the curriculum she developed can be found in her book. For more info on The Brain's Playground you can check out the non-profit organization she founded, Zip Zap Zop Enrichment @ www.zipzapzopenrichment.org along with other information on Maja's background working with individuals on social skills.

        Facilitator Maja Watkins is the founder of Zip Zap Zop Enrichment and a Social and Emotional Learning Specialist @ Larchmont Charter School

        Maja has worked with children on many levels. Having a brother on the autism spectrum has given Maja an understanding of how powerful communication is for ALL people. Maja’s education includes a B.A. in Child Development and she is also a graduate of The Second City where she studied improv and sketch comedy. Maja has worked for years as a teacher and behaviorist where she practiced an emergent curriculum. Maja’s focus is on inclusive classrooms where the curriculum is designed to allow children and young adults to reach their highest potential in whichever way they feel most comfortable. Maja is the Social and Emotional Learning Specialist at Larchmont Charter School. Maja's research and curriculum development allowed her to partner up with TiaMarie Harrison, a college professor, in writing the upcoming book "The Brain's Playground: Using Improv Games To Teach Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

        2020-2021 Lottery Application is Now Available!

        To complete the 2020-2021 lottery application, please click: 2020-2021 LCS Lottery Form

        Staff or Sibling Preference: If you would like to be considered for a staff or sibling preference, you must submit an application for children who will be entering from TK-12 if they are not currently enrolled at LCS.  Please submit one (1) application per child.

        Important Lottery Dates

        November 1, 2019: 2019-20 Lottery Application Window Opened

        February 19, 2020 @5pm:  Lottery Application Window Closes

        February 29, 2020:  2020-21 Lottery Drawing at LFP at 9am 

        March 2-6, 2020: Lottery Results Notifications Sent of either Offer or Wait List position


        Should you have any questions, please contact Esmeralda Sandoval, Director of Compliance & Operations at admissions@larchmontcharter.org or 323-380-7893 ext 302.


        Larchmont's Parent-Student Handbook was just approved by the board earlier this month. Please look through the handbook HERE for all updates and school policies.


        is your child going to be absent?

        If your child is ever going to be absent from school for any reason, please email ffxattendance@larchmontcharter.orgThis notification is required for every student's school records.  (Note: Please do not use this email for general school questions.  This email is only used for attendance purposes.) 

        When you email ffxattendance@larchmontcharter.org you will also have the opportunity to access an independent study packet so your child doesn't miss schoolwork and the school doesn't lose critical funding!  

        Please remember:  

        - You will need to fill out the online form for the independent study agreement.  
        - You can download a work packet corresponding to the number of days your child will be absent.  Be sure to fill out the INDEPENDENT STUDY AGREEMENT AND THE WORK LOG!  
        - When your child completes the packet, please submit it directly to your teacher for grading and PLEASE MAKE SURE IT'S HANDED IN SEPARATELY FROM GENERAL CLASS HOMEWORK SO IT DOESN'T GET LOST.  

        Families must request the packet prior to 9 am of the day of the absence.  
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