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Dear Larchmont Fairfax Families:

I hope this message finds you all doing well and staying healthy! Last week, on Saturday, I sent my weekly blast with IMPORTANT schedule/timeline information for next week.

We are sending you all a reminder about these important updates:  

Next week, all Larchmont campuses will be under FULL CLOSURE. That means there will be no Zoom Morning Meetings and no mandatory daily assignments for students.
  • Why is there a full closure next week? Our entire faculty, staff and administration will be working to plan out our newly designed Distance Learning Plan which we will unveil after Spring Break.  
  • Will teachers still send messages to students? We regret that we won't be able to accommodate this because teachers are all scheduled into meetings/planning sessions/trainings for the duration of the week. We felt the priority for this week was to develop an even more comprehensive distance learning plan for our students moving forward. We promise to resume contact after Spring Break! 
  • Please read my weekly blast message tomorrow for a glimpse into what this plan might resemble for students in elementary school. 

2. Because there is a FULL CLOSURE next week, there will be NO PARENT CONFERENCES as previously scheduled. Our teachers will be in professional development sessions and planning meetings all day, every day next week as they develop this distance learning plan. 
  • When will parent conferences happen? We will reschedule conferences for some time after Spring Break. Please be on the lookout for a new Signup Genius. Progress reports will also be shared whenever conferences begin.

Once again, please take note of these important reminders and please read the weekly blast tomorrow carefully for further details.  

Thank you, and please take care!
Andi and Mersedeh 
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March 21, 2020


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Mon 3/23 - Wed 3/25 - Chromebook pick up from 9am-12pm at LFP drive-through: 2801 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057
March 25 - Finance Committee Meeting - e-link will be shared
March 30 - April 3 - SCHOOL CLOSED (Staff and leaders will use this time to evaluate remote learning)
April 6-17 - Spring Break

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Dear Larchmont Fairfax Families:

I hope you're all staying safe and taking care of yourselves! I want to direct your attention first to the section down below mine with IMPORTANT school closure updates/timeline from Amy Held. Please be sure to read that carefully.  

We are writing to you from our own homes, missing the constant movement and sounds of life on campus.  We know everyone is already missing the in-person contact that we value so much in our special community.  We hope that you are all doing well and beginning to adjust to these new challenging days. We do want to acknowledge that our entire community is under a great deal of pressure dealing with unknown circumstances and balancing work from home, school from home-- everything from home! Please know that we know how difficult this is. In case it's helpful, I wanted to pass along this message from Betsy Braun titled "Parenting in a Pandemic": https://betsybrownbraun.com/2020/03/19/parenting-in-a-pandemic/

Next, we want to recognize our incredible staff for mobilizing at a moment's notice and for pulling together resources to support learning continuity at home.  Our teachers have worked hard to step out of their comfort zones, learning to use and manage some new online tools for their class meetings. They've also been reaching out to each of their student's families to ensure that everybody is safe and able to connect to the rest of the community. 

Throughout this time, we realize that the sudden shift away from the regular contact of close friends and familiar LCS staff is probably incredibly upsetting to many students.  Last Thursday we were all enjoying lunch together and recess and now, each child is adjusting to their new situation. In order to support your child’s well being, we highly encourage you all to come together as a community and stay connected through shared resources including virtual playdates and recesses. Also, please be sure to stay connected through the parent moderated Larchmont Fairfax Facebook page (Parents at Larchmont Charter School - Fairfax Campus). You can request access and admin will confirm your status as a Larchmont parent.

In addition to Amy's critical updates and timeline down below, I wanted to mention a few key points: 

  • As you know, the situation is rapidly evolving each day. We're expecting another key update from Supt. Beutner (LAUSD) on Monday at 11 amOur leadership team is meeting virtually on a daily basis to coordinate as quickly as we can - we will continue to send updates as they become available, but please know that things can change at any moment.
  • This week, teachers will officially launch (a) Morning Meeting via Zoom, (b) Daily assignments, and (c) Weekly Family/Student contact. In terms of this current instructional plan, we fully recognize there are many different types of needs amongst our students and families. Some families feel the need to slow the pace down during this challenging time while others are craving more. Once again, please know we're in the midst of this crisis right alongside you and we understand that there will be times when you can only tackle so much. Everyone is doing their best and we know that, and we're also trying to provide as many options/resources as we can for those who would like them.
  • As mentioned in Amy's message below, we will have a week of full closure/no instruction from 3/30 - 4/3 just prior to Spring breakAs a result, we will be rescheduling all parent conferences to after Spring break. Progress reports will be mailed out during our new conference week. You will be receiving a new Sign Up Genius link in the next week or so.
  • Many of you have asked what will happen if this becomes a more prolonged processWhat will instruction look like? That is the reason for the full closure from 3/30-4/3. Our teachers will need dedicated time to thoughtfully and cohesively redesign our learning model for the online format while still keeping in mind the developmental needs of our young TK-4th grade learners and the limitations we have to contend with in an online platform with children this young.
  • Access to technology: If your child needs a Chromebook, we are loaning them out at our LFP campus M-W of this week (please see times above). As we move much of our interactions online, it is important to understand and support the complexities related to this communication.  Our teachers have begun to set their own norms for classroom online expectations, but our students also require additional support from parents to help reinforce this concept of digital citizenship. Here is a great resource on navigating digital citizenship: https://www.engadget.com/2019/05/09/raising-a-good-digital-citizen/ 

We miss you all and look forward to a time when we can all be together again right back at Fairfax. We're here to help support you all until that time comes. 

Be well,
Andi and Mersedeh 



en Español abajo
아래 한국어
Dear Larchmont Charter School Families,

We hope you are all doing well and staying safe.  After our first week of adjusting to school closure, it’s safe to say that we have learned a lot.  Our teachers and staff are resilient, adaptable, and committed to our children and our school. Before we closed, very few teachers had ever participated in online classes, and even fewer had prepared and delivered instruction virtually.  Yet, starting the day we closed, many were researching and trying out various platforms, anticipating our students’ needs, both academically and socially.
We have been heartened by our families’ patience, kindness, and caring hearts.  So many of you continue to reach out to one another and to us to see how you can support our community.  You volunteer to deliver food, distribute Chromebooks, provide financial assistance, and even check in with teachers and staff individually to see how we’re doing.  You embody our mission through your constant demonstration of “improving the world we inhabit.” We want to thank you for your continued patience as we collectively navigate this transition.  As you know, the situation is ever-evolving. To that end, we want to share updates:

  • Updated schedule – SCHOOL CLOSED the week of 3/30 to students (no classes and no new assignments) (staff and leaders will use this time to evaluate how remote learning’s gone to date, identify needed refinements and have dedicated time to collaborate and plan to sustain high-quality remote learning potentially through the end of the school year)
  • Chromebook pick up 9am-12pm Monday-Wednesday (3/23-3/25) at LFP drive through in the driveway – this is for TK-7th grade families who need to borrow a device from Larchmont because they don’t have another one that their student can use at home to do remote learning.  We have a sense of those in need based on teacher contacts with students.  
  • COVID-19 updates, FAQs, and resources are on our homepage
  • No emergency childcare possible due to Governor’s order – thanks for understanding that it’s no longer possible for us, our staff or LAUSD to offer emergency childcare due to the stay at home order.
  • Modified expectations for students and staff – we know everyone is juggling so much – parents trying to work from home with young children, anxiety around this virus, families struggling with job loss and more; note that our staff is also juggling these challenges in addition to trying to figure out how to do remote learning, an entirely different instructional model, on the fly.  Thank you for understanding and being patient as we navigate this. 
  • Special education – special education providers have been reaching out to families individually.  Most IEP services will be provided virtually or telephonically to the extent possible.  Upcoming IEP meetings are scheduled virtually and parents have the option to delay meetings until school resumes. Because all special education assessments require face-to-face evaluation/observations, these will be delayed until school resumes.
  • Helping each other in this time – so many of you have reached out wanting to help your fellow Larchmont families who may be struggling right now.  There are legal challenges for us to do this but what we’re proposing is to collect grocery gift cards from donor families by Tuesday morning at 8am either digitally to development@larchmontcharter.org or at our Network Support Office at 444 N Larchmont Blvd #207 and then we’ll distribute them to families in need Tuesday and Wednesday between 9a-12p at LFP in a drive-through. If you need assistance during this time, please click HERE so we can support you.
  • Suspending Gala & Silent Auction – our 5/15 Gala is being canceled and rethought – more to come on this in the near future.    
  • Rescheduling Finance Committee from Tuesday, 3/24 to Wednesday, 3/25.  Apologies for the inconvenience but this is necessary. 
Thank you so much for all you do to make our school great and thank you for your patience and partnership while we make our way through an incredibly challenging time for us all.
Stay healthy and safe,
Amy Held

라치몬트 차터 가족 여러분,

저희는 이번 한주간 새로운 학교 생활과 교육 방식을 경험하였습니다.  이런 상황에도 침착하게 저희를 믿고 기다려 주셔서 감사합니다.  오늘 주요 업데이트는 다음과 같습니다.

  • 3월 30일부터 한 주간 학교를 닫습니다 (온라인 클래스 및 새로운 과제없음).  그 기간 동안 직원과 교사들은 저희가 앞으로 이번 학년 말까지 온라인 클래스를 어떻게 평가, 진행, 그리고 개선할 수 있는지 계획을 세웁니다.
  • 3월 23일 부터 3월 25일 오전 9시 부터 오후 12시까지 라파예트 캠퍼스에서 컴퓨터가 필요한 학생은 크롬북을 공짜로 빌려 갈수 있습니다.  차에서 내리지 않고 받으실 수 있습니다.  이 프로그램은 TK에서 7학년 가족 중 온라인 클래스를 위해 집에 컴퓨터가 필요한 학생을 위한 프로그램 입니다.
  • COVID-19및 자주 묻는 질문에 관한 답은 저희 라치몬트 웹사이트에서 찾으실수 있습니다.
  • 캘리포니아 주지사의 명령에 따라 저희가 보육시설을 운영할 수 없습니다.
  • 많은 가족 및 교사분들이 자녀 보육및 직장 등으로 힘들어 하고 있습니다.  저희 교사분들은 계속 학생들에게 최고의 교육을 할수 있도록 정보를 수집하고 온라인 클래스를 만들어 가고 있습니다.  이런 상황을 이해하고 인내심으로 기다려 주셔서 감사합니다.
  • 특수교육 (Special Education) 서비스를 제공하기 위해 노력하고 있고 저희 특수교육 전문 교사들이 학부모와 학생에게 연락을 하고 있습니다.  현재 온라인 미팅으로 서비스 하고 있지만 일부 유형의 서비스는 시간이 걸릴 예정입니다.
  • 많은 라치몬트 가족 분들이 어려움을 겪고 있는다른 가족들을 돕기를 원하고 있습니다.  법적으로 해결해야 하는 문제가 있지만 월요일 9시에서 12시 사이 라파예트 캠퍼스에 식료품 기프트 카드등을 기증해 주시면 화요일과 수요일 9시에서 12시 사이에 도움이 필요한 가족에게 나눠주겠습니다.
  • 5월 15일로 예정된 갈라/경매행사를 할수 없게된 관계로 다른 유형의 모금행사를 계획하고 있습니다.
  • 저희 Finance committee 미팅을 3월 24일에서 3월 25일로 일정을 조정했습니다.  불편을 드려 죄송합니다.
우리 모두에게 엄청나게 어렵고 힘든 시간에 저희 학교를 훌륭하게 만들기위해 관심 가져 주시고 노력해 주셔서 감사합니다.
모두 건강하세요.
Amy Held


Estimadas familias de Larchmont Charter School:
Esperamos que todos estén bien y se mantengan seguros. Después de nuestra primera semana de ajuste al cierre de la escuela, es seguro decir que hemos aprendido mucho. Nuestros maestros y personal son resistentes, adaptables y comprometidos con nuestros niños y nuestra organización. Antes de cerrar, muy pocos maestros habían participado en clases en línea, y aún menos habían preparado y entregado instrucción virtualmente. Sin embargo, comenzando el día que cerramos, muchos estaban investigando y probando varias plataformas, anticipando las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes, tanto académica como socialmente.
Si bien no es un aprendizaje nuevo, nos alienta la paciencia, la amabilidad y los corazones atentos de nuestras familias. Muchos de ustedes continúan comunicándose entre nosotros y con nosotros para ver cómo pueden apoyar a nuestra comunidad. Se ofrece como voluntario para entregar alimentos, distribuir Chromebooks, proporcionar asistencia financiera e incluso consultar individualmente con los maestros y el personal para ver cómo nos está yendo. Usted encarna nuestra misión a través de su constante demostración de "mejorar el mundo que habitamos". Queremos agradecerle por su paciencia continua mientras navegamos colectivamente por esta transición. Como saben, la situación está en constante evolución. Con ese fin, queremos compartir actualizaciones:
  • Horario actualizado: ESCUELA CERRADA (sin clases y sin nuevas tareas) semana del 3/30 a los estudiantes: el personal y los líderes usarán este tiempo para evaluar cómo se ha ido el aprendizaje remoto hasta la fecha, identificar los refinamientos necesarios y tener tiempo dedicado para colaborar y planificar mantener un aprendizaje remoto de alta calidad potencialmente hasta el final del año escolar
  • Chromebook se recoge de 9 a.m. a 12 p.m. de lunes a miércoles (3/23 - 3/25) en LFP en manera de servicio al carro en el camino de entrada - esto es para familias de TK-7 ° grado que necesitan pedir prestado un dispositivo de Larchmont porque no tienen otro uno que su estudiante puede usar en casa para hacer aprendizaje remoto. Tenemos una idea de los necesitados en función de los contactos de los maestros con los estudiantes.
  • Las actualizaciones, preguntas frecuentes y recursos de COVID-19 están en nuestra página de inicio
  • No es posible el cuidado infantil de emergencia debido a la orden del Gobernador: gracias por entender que ya no es posible para nosotros, nuestro personal o el LAUSD ofrecer cuidado infantil de emergencia debido a la orden de permanecer en el hogar.
  • Expectativas modificadas para los estudiantes y el personal: sabemos que todos estamos haciendo malabarismos con muchos padres que intentan trabajar desde casa con niños pequeños, ansiedad por este virus, familias que luchan con la pérdida del trabajo y más; Tenga en cuenta que nuestro personal también está haciendo malabarismos con estos desafíos, además de tratar de descubrir cómo hacer el aprendizaje remoto, un modelo de instrucción completamente diferente, sobre la marcha. Gracias por entender y ser paciente mientras navegamos por esto.
  • Educación Especial: los proveedores de educación especial se han comunicado individualmente con las familias. La mayoría de los servicios de IEP se proporcionarán de manera virtual o telefónica en la medida de lo posible. Las próximas reuniones del IEP están programadas virtualmente y los padres tienen la opción de retrasar las reuniones hasta que se reanude la escuela. Debido a que todas las evaluaciones de educación especial requieren evaluaciones/observaciones cara a cara, estas se retrasarán hasta que se reanude la escuela.
  • Ayudándonos unos a otros en este momento: muchos de ustedes se han acercado queriendo ayudar a sus otras familias de Larchmont que pueden estar luchando en este momento. Hay desafíos legales para nosotros para hacer esto, pero lo que estamos proponiendo es recolectar tarjetas de regalo de comestibles de las familias donantes antes del martes por la mañana a las 8 am, ya sea digitalmente a development@larchmontcharter.org o en nuestra Oficina de Soporte de Larchmont en 444 N Larchmont Blvd #207 y luego los distribuiremos a las familias necesitadas los martes y miércoles de 9 a 12 p en LFP en manera de servicio al carro.
  • Suspensión de la gala / subasta: nuestra gala del 5/15 se cancelará a medida que cambiamos a un tipo diferente de recaudación de fondos, más por venir a este cambio a otra cosa.
  • Reprogramación del Comité de Finanzas del martes 3/24 al miércoles 3/25. Disculpe las molestias, pero esto es necesario.
Muchas gracias por todo lo que hacen para que nuestra escuela sea excelente y gracias por su paciencia y colaboración mientras nos abrimos paso en un momento increíblemente desafiante para todos nosotros.
Mantente sano y seguro,

Amy Held

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