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campus updates

Hello Larchmont Fairfax Families,

What a blast it was to see so many of you at the Gala last night! It was a truly inspirational night watching the beautiful Larchmont video with clips from our TK-12th grade students and hearing all about our seniors who are headed to some of the best colleges in the nation. Seeing the community pull together to help support Larchmont's mission of academic achievement, diversity, community, and dedication to the world is truly awe inspiring and I am so thankful to be a part of such a community. Thank you to Steven Ho, Mark Feuerstein, Erica Pitman, Sam Pitman, Beth Wishnie, and so many more for making the event a huge success. 

I'm so happy to share that we also have a very special surprise that you'll all be seeing on Monday when you drive through the Fairfax parking lot! Fairfax parent, Jocelyn Hayes, has arranged for artist Ruben Rojas to paint a beautiful mural on our parking lot wall just between our campus and the church. Ruben is a very well known artist who paints street art throughout the city and his mission is to transform blank walls into messages of hope and positivity. He's designed a beautiful message and accompanying artwork just for us and he'll have a team of 40 volunteers helping him paint the mural today. When I met him this past week he stated that he wants to do his part to spark creativity and inspiration at Larchmont as people enter our campus for many years to come - I have no doubt that this will do just that. Thank you Jocelyn and Ruben!  

Finally, we can't let this message go by without wishing all of our wonderful moms a Happy Mother's Day! I hope the day is filled with lots of well deserved love, laughter and relaxation. 

Have a wonderful weekend and please read on for some important messages. 

Andi and Mersedeh 



To ensure the safety of all students, we'd like to remind all families that students must be signed out when they are picked up from the after school program. If your child is going home with another student for a play date, please inform the office in advance. Thank you.



THE EDIBLE SCHOOLYARD LUNCH TEAM IS HOLDING A RECIPECONTEST AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! **PRIZES** *Winning recipe will be served at lunch!* *A $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods*

Do you have any favorite dishes you think we should serve for lunch? Well now is your time to let us know! Submit a recipe for one dish or a couple of recipesthat work together to create a full meal. 
Here's some helpful information to make sure your submission is something we can use:

PRACTICAL LOGISTICS: All lunches need to make sense for the service we offer. Since Selma lunches are made at the commissary kitchen at Fairfax and transported to the Selma campus, lunches need to be held at an appropriate and safe temperature for 3 hours. Certain foods work well under these circumstances, like braised meats, casseroles, cold or room temperature vegetables, etc… However, if we made steamed broccoli and kept it hot for 3 hours it would be overcooked by the time it’s served, hot and crispy things would get soggy and many other foods would be compromised.

1. Affordable proteins: We use chicken breasts, chicken thigh meat, chicken drumsticks, turkey thighs, pork shoulder, ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken, tofu, beans and cheese. (All of the meat we use is humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free.)
2. Lots of vegetables: Each meal must include 3 to 6 servings of vegetables. The USDA guidelines define a serving as at least ⅛ cup.
3. We are committed to offering minimally processed whole foods like whole wheat flours, brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, whole wheat pastas, oats, cornmeal, bulgur and farro. However, in cases where we can’t find a whole grain version or if we want to preserve the authenticity of an ethnic dish we will use a refined starch like corn tortillas, white flour, white rice, couscous, barley and white pasta.
4. Most of our fruits, vegetables and eggs are bought directly from local farmers. Therefore, locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables are most frequently used.
5. We do not use anything that contains high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors, trans fats or MSG.
6. We avoid most processed foods.
7. We create weekly menus that always include familiar favorites (like soup on Mondays and pasta Wednesdays) as well as a range of other cuisines and flavors that reflect the diversity of our student body and expose kids to new dishes.
8. We create daily menus where all of the components complement each other and build layers of flavor.
Submit entries to the office or aliza.miner@larchmontcharter.org by Friday, May 24. The winning recipe will be selected by the ESY school lunch team and served to nearly 400 LCS students for lunch this year! The winner will also receive a $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods. 



We'll begin taking yearbook orders this coming week. Stay tuned for a dedicated yearbook email!

Information for Parents of 3-8th and 11th graders

CAASPP TESTING CONTINUES THIS WEEK AT FAIRFAX FOR STUDENTS IN GRADES 3-4. Each year, students in grades three through eight and high school participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). This year, your third & fourth grader will take the following test(s), depending on their grade level:
  • Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments (SBAC) for English language arts/literacy and mathematics in grades three through eight and grade eleven
  • California Science Test (CAST) in grades five and eight and once in high school
The Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments and the CAST are online tests that measure what your student knows and is able to do. The tests include many different types of questions that allow students to interact with the test questions. Results help identify gaps in knowledge or skills early on so your child can get the support needed to be successful in school.

To learn more, please click on the following links. Please ensure that student's get a good night's rest and that they arrive on time to school each day.

CAASPP Parent Notification Letter – English
CAASPP Parent Notification Letter – Korean
CAASPP Parent Notification Letter – Spanish
CAASPP Parent Resources
SBAC Parent Guide – English
SBAC Parent Guide – Korean
SBAC Parent Guide – Spanish