ESY in February

Edible Schoolyard (ESY) Mimi Bonetti & Nickey Bennett-Reed

Highlights from ESY this past month have included weighing our waste on campus, identifying ways in which we can be better Climate Champions, assessing family activities (they were spying on you!) and students began implementing some of their ideas on campus. We will continue exploring Climate Change and little ways we can make a big difference here on campus as well as at home and beyond.

Meanwhile in Kitchen we re-imagined scraps, wilts and weeds as we used food that might otherwise have gone to waste in delicious recipes for banana bread, croutons/ bread crumbs, carrot top pesto and even carrot ‘raisins’.  Look for the recipes on the ESY Google Classroom site (5th grade code: 4v07wuq, 6th grade code: xxd7v0- join the fun!) and continue to challenge students to rethink food waste at home.


20180129_115101.jpg  20180129_115349.jpg  20180130_114318.jpg

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