At Larchmont, our constructivist approach focuses on students’ natural and varied approaches to learning and understanding. We recognize that students “construct their own understanding” through various activities and experiences. Thus, a rich assortment of learning experiences not only exposes students to new skills and opportunities, but supports learning in the core academic areas as well. In addition to a breadth of enrichment classes at every grade level, enrichment teachers also assist the teachers periodically throughout the week in core academic classrooms to support the integration of various learning styles throughout the curriculum. 

In TK-3rd, all of our students take part in a variety of enrichment classes; every student participates in music, art, physical education, gardening, and cooking classes. In 4th-5th, students’ enrichments are expanded to include Spanish language instruction as well as a variety of offerings in spoken word such as storytelling, puppetry, and improvisation.

In 6th-8th, students continue with physical education and Spanish enrichment classes as well as starting a program which allows students to select their own classes for two periods a week. Enrichment courses last for a trimester each, thus allowing students to sample six different enrichment courses each year. Our goal is to allow HS_girls_soccor_2_MG_6233.JPGstudents a chance to dive deeply into areas of interest or explore new and unknown skills and talents as they plan for their elective path through the high school years. Enrichment courses in middle school include a wide variety of visual and performing arts, yoga, running, computer programming, creative writing, photography, cooking, gardening, Fantasy Football, academic support, and much more.

In addition, all TK-8 students have access to an assortment of enrichment classes and clubs after school as a part of the Larchmont “After Class Enrichment” Program (ACE). After school clubs, across TK-8, include Chorus, Band, Debate, Yearbook, Gardening, and more. In addition, rotating after school Enrichment Classes enhance programming and opportunities in areas such as Dance, Yoga, Karate, Chess, Computer Programming, and Cooking.

In the high school, students have the opportunity to complete A-G elective courses in Music, Chorus, Theater, Film, Creative Writing, Journalism,Visual and Performing Arts and the Sciences. The daily high school schedule also includes a Club/Conference period where students can receive standards based targeted English Language Development support, actors_2.jpgacademic support, and academic or college counseling. Student enrichment clubs also meet at this time. Current students have taken the initiative to secure faculty advisors and found clubs that match their interests, such as the Economics Club, Book Club, Guitar, Debate, Mentorship and Volunteer Clubs. In addition, the school’s Student Leadership and Yearbook groups meet during this time. After school opportunities include athletics, peer tutoring, dance and drumming.