(that don’t cost you a thing!)

We want to remind our community that there are EASY ways to earn money for our school that DON'T COST YOU A THING. Please take a look at the list below and check off at least one extra way you can help us. It might mean you use an Amazon link each time you shop there, or register a card (Target, Ralphs, eScrip, etc). Last year these programs brought in over $12k to Larchmont. If every family takes a few minutes and signs up it could make a TREMENDOUS difference! Tell your friends and family. These programs work across the country. 


AMAZON amazon-logo.png

Amazon gives us back a percentage of EVERY purchase you make using the link below for Amazon Associates. Bookmark THIS LINK on your toolbar (find your browser’s Bookmark link and then, for the most part, you will click ‘Bookmark this page’.) Then you will earn us extra $$$ every single time you click and shop. With the holiday season fast approaching, let’s make sure that every time we use Amazon, we also buy some love for our school! 


The Amazon Smile program also earns us dollars back on purchases, albeit a smaller percentage. Click THIS LINK then click the orange Supporting tab under the Search bar. Select Larchmont Schools as your charity.

Last year we earned $5,400 in total from Amazon shopping!


TARGET  target-logo-624.png

Last year we earned $900 from Target’s REDcard program. Do you have a Target Red credit or debit card? If yes please make sure you have signed up so that every purchase you make benefits our school. Click THIS LINK  then click on REDCard then Manage my REDcard. Select Larchmont Charter School (our zip code is 90004). (Note: this program is ending in May 2016, so please do it now to maximize our rewards while we still can!)


RALPHS Ralph-Logo-e1376926534258.jpg

Got a Ralphs card? Many of us do! But is it registered online and have you selected us as part of the Community Rewards program? If yes, thank you! You helped us earn $4,500 last year, just by doing your grocery shopping at Ralphs. If you haven’t yet registered your card, click THIS LINK and click Register at the top right of the screen. Enroll your card then scroll down to Community Rewards and select The Larchmont Charter School (organization no: 82748). Sign up before you shop for the holidays!


BOX TOPS boxtoplogo3.gif

Every single Box Top we collect earns us 10 cents. What’s not to love? Please clip them (ask family and friends to do the same) and drop them in the Box Tops box on campus.


eSCRIP eScrip_online_mall.jpg

Last year eScrip gave $400 million to schools. Let’s grab some of that for Larchmont! You can register up to 3 cards with eScrip (credit cards and some store loyalty cards), then make sure to select Larchmont Charter School as your beneficiary. Click THIS LINK then click Sign Up at the top. Whenever you use those cards at any of eScrip’s thousands of merchants, you will earn money back for us. It's the EASIEST!


CHARITYBUZZ  charitybuzz_dogoodlivewell_color.jpg

Charitybuzz is the world’s leading charitable website supported by A-list celebrities from Bruce Springsteen to Bill Clinton, Jennifer Aniston to the Dalai Lama. Given that we’re such a well-connected community, it provides us countless opportunities for easy and incredibly profitable fundraising from items and opportunities not available to the general public. Even a simple pair of tickets to a live audience show can earn us thousands. This year a pair of “Dancing with the Stars” tickets raised $1,750 on Charitybuzz! We earned $6,000 for a pair of tickets to the San Francisco premiere (and after party!) for Season 5 of “Game of Thrones," $5,750 for a tour of the “Hell’s Kitchen” set, and $2,350 for tickets to a Britney Spears concert and a hotel.  

Do you have a connection to a show or experience? Know anyone who can secure us tickets to “The Voice” or “The Tonight Show”? Or a "Meet & Greet" with a celebrity from the worlds of film, TV, music or sport? We might even be able to sell YOU, or lunch with you if you’re an actor, director, producer, screenwriter, composer, agent, manager, publicist etc.

If you have a great contact you want to keep under your hat, that’s no problem. We can publicize donations to our school community, or not - Charitybuzz has its own worldwide reach with millions of well-heeled customers. Want to read more? Click THIS LINK. 

*For Charitybuzz donations, ideas or help approaching a contact, please contact Lesley O’Toole-Roque (lesleyotoole@gmail.com).



Consider advertising in our school directory. As little as $50 will secure a business card-sized ad in our directory that’s a trusted resource for our extensive parent community.

You might also consider sponsoring our glamorous gala (our biggest and best night out of the year) or one of our other community-building annual events like Music Night, Carnival or a Jogathon.

 *For information on sponsorship advertising at one of our events, contact Melissa Schrift (melissa.schrift@gmail.com) or Nicole Alaimo (nicolealaimo73@gmail.com).



 We are always looking for ways to partner with companies and local businesses, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Many local businesses these days are looking for a charitable component. Please contact development@larchmontcharter.org with your suggestions. Let’s make it LCS!