6th Grade Pali & PE

P.E. Coach Keith
Here in P.E. we are kicking the new year off with a sport that I really enjoy. If you are guessing Golf, then you are almost right, sort of. Our 5 week basketball unit is in full gear and we are now getting into our basketball tournaments. Students are learning how to dribble, shoot and pass a basketball, as well as various rules of the game. Students are taught to share their gifts with each other, so with our advanced players, I have given them the task of teaching as well. Basketball is a great motivation for students to continue developing team work skills, which is our overall goal. Students continually working together as a whole in sharing the many gifts that they have.   
We have also started training for our Jog-athon!! With this being heart smart month, I am challenging students to add a jogging lap each time we meet, hopefully building stamina and motivating all to participate. FEB 10th!!!!!
“One finger can't lift a pebble” 
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6th Grade At Pali Institute
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